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#^@!!&+%>’/! Networking Is NOT The Same Thing As Building Networks

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The #^@!!&+%>’/! word “network”. Slap it in the title of your book and well, everyone gets freaked out and wants to talk…networking…as in working the room…as in elevator pitches…as in “go to” ice-breakers and conversations starters…as in…

Take. A. Step. Back. From. The. Networking. Abyss.


The way you’re instructed to in a yoga or meditation class.

Acknowledge the networking fears and how-do-I confusion then tell it to bugger off now — ’cause you need to clear your head that is full of networking nonsense of everything you have been lead to believe about “networking” and you need to focus your attention on building networks.

Networking. Building Networks. No, they are not the same thing.

Here’s the deal: always focusing on...

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