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Nearly 80% of Women Said They Do Not Feel Confident Enough To Negotiate Their Salary

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When you go to a restaurant you ask for the meal the way you want it. Dressing on the side, steak medium rare, gluten-free pasta, etc.,

When you buy clothing you tailor it so it fits perfectly or you probably don't buy it.

You decorate your apartment or house the exact way you want it even if that means stripes and polka dots and that weird hygge trend of putting lights on the bed.

Your drink order at Starbucks is literally the most complicated thing anyone has ever heard of, but you still get it because it is what you want and yet when it comes to asking for what we want at work nearly 60 percent of women we asked said they did not negotiate their salary at their current job. 

Women Aren't Asking

As part of Levo's annual #Ask4More campaign, which is now in its 5th year, we surveyed our community about whether they are asking for what they want in their careers, how they are doing it and if it is producing the results they want and deserve. If nearly 60 percent didn't ask for more at their current job then it makes sense that half of the 1025 surveyed, which was predominantly people who identified as women ages 26-29 (28.5 percent), didn't ask for more during the first five years of their career. 

A big part of why women aren't asking if that they feel they don't have the skills and knowledge to negotiate even though previous Levo surveys have found that 83 percent of women agree that it’s important to negotiate their salary and/or benefits package. The same percentage also believe that they will earn less money over the course of their careers if they do not negotiate their initial job offers at a new company. But according to our latest data, nearly 60 percent feel like they do not have the understanding of how to negotiate effectively which was somewhat surprising considering almost 55 percent said they had access to resources and mentors to help them navigate their career. 

Women Don't Feel Confident When They Go Into Salary Negotiations

But even more so then feeling like they aren't equipped with the right skills and understanding for negotiations, women don't feel confident when they walk into that room to ask for something they deserve. Nearly 80 percent of those surveyed said they do not feel confident in salary negotiations and we need to change that. And with over 60 percent reporting that when they negotiated they did not feel successful in getting what they wanted that could be a major part of the issue.

Let's Change the Statistics

But that is why we are here. Levo wants to be your No.1 destination, resource go-to friend that you always vent to when it comes to asking for more in your career. We get it. This isn't easy for anyone. That is why all month long, not just for one day, we will be providing you with the skills and knowledge to get that raise (and raises come in all forms but more about that later) as well as stories from people who have been there on our #Ask4More page. You will get advice and inspiration from people who have been through the trenches and came out stronger. Some of them are huge, public figures (hello Chelsea Handler) and some of them may be sitting in the cubicle next to yours but nonetheless they are asking for more and they want you to have the confidence to do it also.

Check out our Ask4More Topic page for new content all month long and be sure to check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for daily doses of inspiration. Together we can change the statistics. Learn how to #ask4more.

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