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My Sister, My Business Partner: How 8 Entrepreneurs Launched Their Dream Careers as Sister Acts

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When we were kids, my sister and I could hardly agree on sharing toys; I never imagined we'd grow up to be two successful creatives with so many shared passions. In recent years, we've worked on art projects together and supported one another's professional and personal growth. But I hope that, one day, we'll be able to collaborate on something more.

Families doing businesses together is nothing new; in fact, family businesses are pretty common. But, there's something particularly special about a successful sister partnership.

Here are four sister duos who have started companies together and taken the world by storm.

1. Donna & Rosy Khalife

Donna and Rosy were watching their young nephew play games on an iPad when they realized the world needed better ways of engaging kids that didn't involve screens.

This thought eventually led to the creation of Surprise Ride, a company that provides subscription-based gift boxes for kids. The Lebanese-American sisters appeared on Shark Tank last year, which gave their company a big boost.

Surprise Ride now brings in more than $1 million a year. The best part? This means that kids all over the world are getting amazing subscription boxes filled with hands-on, offline games and activities that are not just intellectually stimulating, but fun!

2. Emily and Jessica Leung

Twin sisters and frequent wedding attendees, Emily and Jessica realized the need for comfortable and cute heels.

In the past, while dancing at weddings, they remembered experiencing sores and blisters and understood there was a real need for solid shoes. So, the sisters up and founded Hey Lady, a shoe company that combines NASA-grade memory foam with classic design.

The result? Timeless, elegant heels that are β€” most importantly β€” also comfy.

3. Kate and Laura Mulleavy

In 2006, Kate and her younger sister, Laura, brought 16 handmade dresses from their home in Pasadena, California to New York City.

Since then, their company Rodarte β€” which designs beautiful dresses, shoes, and T-shirts β€” has reached new heights. Their unique dresses have been worn by dozens of celebrities, including Kirsten Dunst, and worked on costume design for Black Swan.

Though some have urged the sisters to get more commercial in order to expand their reach, they are determined to keep things small and personal, a decision that undoubtedly helps their timeless pieces stand out.

4. Jorrae & Kelly Beard

Nearly five years ago, Jorrae Four was bored with her sauce options and decided to make one of her own. She joined together with her sister, Kelly, and the two turned a delicious sauce into a thriving business.

Their sauce company, Joyce's LuLu Bang, boasts four different flavors and promises to enhance any dish β€” from meat to salads. The name of the company was derived from the name and nickname of their late mother and brother.

Last October, the two sisters were on Shark Tank and despite not getting a deal, they made $60,000 in sales within 72 hours of the show's airing. The sisters also recently opened a pop-up restaurant in their hometown of Philly.

(Featured image via HeyLadiessss/Instagram)


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Viewing on Levo:

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What a great article! So inspiring. I would love to see this article become the first in a series of successful sibling pairs.

Great job Ludmila!

Family can be the best business partners when starting a business - as long as everyone truly approaches it as a business endeavor. Make sure everyone is on the same page about what you're hoping to get from the business, where you want to take it, and what responsibilities each person will have.

Adrienne Philpot
Adrienne Philpot

Awesome Ladies..continue to strive for excellence!😌

Family business is the best business! We work together with my sister Monika, we create and sell wear-to-work clothing for women ( Every day we wake up with a strong sense of motivation and meaning, as our business is family-owned and we feel great responsibility for each other.

Thank you for inspiring stories about companies founded by sisters! Keep up!

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