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My Power Outfit: Anna Magelssen, Fashion Designer & Lyft Driver

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Name: Anna Maria Magelssen
City: San Francisco, CA
Job: Entrepreneur/Designer/Lyft Driver

How she got there: An eclectic fashion designer, Anna Magelssen has a passion for beautiful fabric selection, sophisticated finishes, and pays close attention to detail. As she eyed beautiful fabrics for custom wedding and special event dresses, she worked hard to afford the additional notions and trims to make the pieces truly one of a kind and decided to take up driving for Lyft to make extra cash. Now she can be spotted in her suped-up SUV on the streets of San Francisco. (Check out her website Daila USA.)

My Power Outfit: Anna Magelssen, Fashion Designer & Lyft Driver

I’m loving the moto jacket and cobalt blue. Why is this your go-to Lyft power outfit?

Anna Magelssen: Driving with Lyft, I need to wear an outfit that’s not only stylish and comfortable, but also allows me to drive safely. I like knowing that I can get out of my car and give a person a hand if they need one, and I want to look good doing it. When someone sees me, I want them to think, “Wow, this lady is sharp. What is she all about?” This makes people open to great conversation.

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What about the outfit makes you feel confident?

AM: I can have a professional chat with a CEO, and still be sassy enough to walk into a tattoo parlor or salon and make a statement. When I can move seamlessly between both of those styles in one look, I feel unstoppable.

When you drive, do you sport heels that you love or is it all about casual, comfortable shoes?

AM: It all depends on the day. Some days, like today, I prefer my tall grey suede boots, other days I like to sport my red leather penny loafers, and on warm days I enjoy wearing my blue platform sandal TOMS.

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Do the worlds of Lyft and your love of fashion design ever collide?

AM: All the time! Fashion is a lifestyle—from myself, to the community that rides in the car with me, to the people that I see walking around outside. In my eyes, we are all connected through how we present ourselves. Some of my favorite rides have been with people who started small (in the home or garage) and now are huge household name brands. I really enjoy chatting with those people and hearing the advice they offer.

The famous Lyft fist bump can be tricky with accessories and you rock a few prominent rings. How does that work?

AM: I love big jewelry. It’s funny actually, even though the fist bump is optional, a lot of riders still love it. It can be complicated with my jewelry, but we always find a way to make it work. Both of my favorite rings are quite intimidating, and I when someone indicates that they want to fist bump, I have to ask them which hand they prefer. This usually leads to a really big laugh and once they choose, we proceed gently.

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The Ford Explorer that you drive for Lyft is also a great expression of your style. It’s just as custom as the clothes you make it seems.

AM: The new Ford Explorer is really quite sleek. The grill up front is custom, the tires and rims are the 20” sport package set, and at night I can make the street glow under my car with the white base lights. Inside I’ve got extremely comfortable bucket seats in quilted black leather. A double moon roof feels very nice and light during the day and at night there is a great view of the city lights. I look good in my car—or so I’ve been told!

What’s the funniest thing that has ever happened between you and a passenger while driving for Lyft?

AM: Recently I picked up my first clown, her name was Salty the Clown! She was on her way to perform with her clown troupe and she chose to do Lyft Line. As she got into the car, she warned me, “I’m a clown, will you be OK?” I laughed, “Yeah, I like clowns, hop in!” As we waited for our second pick up, Salty said, “Oh no, they are afraid of clowns. I just read her lips.” The girls admitted that they had a phobia, but insisted that they would be okay during the ride. Salty then told us stories of previous experiences she had with people who were terrified of clowns. We all had a good laugh and by the end of the ride, the two girls asked Salty if they could take a selfie with her, so they would be able to prove to their friends that they had conquered their fear.

Photos: Andrea Posadas for Levo

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