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Meet 10 #FemaleCatalysts Killing The Game

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Within CatalystCreativ, we’re pretty big on change making. So much so that we named ourselves after a powerful change agent that energizes everything it comes into contact with. A catalyst accelerates growth and adaptation, all without disrupting its own foundation.

In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating some of the women on our team and in our network who are catalysts in their own lives.

We asked each of them to tell us what they’re catalyzing right now. If their answers don’t light a fire in you, it’s time for some serious soul searching. Share your own response to “What are you catalyzing now?” with the #FemaleCatalyst tag!

Amanda Slavin, CEO of CatalystCreativ

"I am catalyzing our company culture by investing in the team and dedicating resources to reinventing our brand. It’s so important to me for CatalystCreativ to be walking the walk with all of the other brands we work with by making sure our internal processes reflect our values."

Maya Watson, Vice President of Marketing & Social Media at OWN

"Right now, I'm catalyzing and discovering what it means to practice self-care for myself.  As a partner, mother, and hustling woman, I’m usually last on my list.  I've attended a lot of wellness immersions and events lately and I'm typically one of the only women of color.  I'd like to see more black and brown faces in these spaces. As a catalyst, I just finished yoga and meditation teacher training and hope to bring it to my community and beyond."

Becky Straw, Co-Founder & CEO of The Adventure Project

"I'm working to help women in Kenya become entrepreneurs through The Adventure Project. Traditionally a male-dominated role, The Adventure Project is working to give women the skills and tools to run their own stove businesses. Together, they will be earning an income, while selling life-saving fuel-efficient stoves to their neighbors. We're out to prove women can be the catalysts for change in their own communities."

Jolie Brownell, High School Senior, CatalystCreativ Intern, Author

Writing is my passion and empowering girls in my purpose, so I do my best to incorporate both in every day. From writing blogs to now beginning the process of self-publishing my first book called, "Me Too," I aspire to use my voice to inspire love, action, and hope to girls of all ages.

Karla Ballard Williams, CEO & Co-Founder of YING

"As a woman I am catalyzing human connections that will build intrinsic  net worth and working to reveal the hidden social capital ready to be unleashed to shift culture."

Lindsay Robb, Communications & Ideation Manager of CatalystCreativ

"Right now I’m catalyzing exploration. My first year out of college has been a whirlwind of joining an incredibly supportive company and learning an enormous amount from my team. I’ve made a big move, travelled like a mad woman, fallen in love, and forged new friendships. Now I’m catalyzing some serious exploration of my long-term goals and becoming comfortable sitting in a place of quizzical uncertainty. "

Emma Nemtin, Senior Marketing Manager at Headspace

I am catalyzing constant learning and performance in my professional life. I am looking towards creating a positive professional network that surrounds me which is comprised of talented people I can learn from (who also don't mind teaching!). I think it's so important to be constantly adding in new skills and playing to our own strengths. My goal is to be fully purpose driven in my career and help other women leverage their experience, passion and skills. 

Leanne Cozart, Marketing Manager for the Raiders

"Currently in my role as Marketing Manager for the Raiders, I am helping to catalyze change within the organization regarding all Marketing initiatives, both company and league wide. As a fairly new department that is growing quickly under great leadership, we’ve been able to make waves right away that have impacted the company's processes and overall brand strategies as we innovate and build towards a bright future that accurately represents our success on the field."

Nicole Molkentin, Manager of Social Engagement and Community Building at CatalystCreativ

“I am catalyzing a community for people to share their experience with creativity. I believe that the power to connect with one another is synonymous with growth and learning. When I see another person light up because they’re passionate, excited, or curious, I feel like a more whole version of myself.”

Christina Sass, COO & Co-Founder of Andela

"I am catalyzing the next generation of technology leaders across the continent of Africa - 35% of them incredible power women! Meet them here."


Incredible, no? No matter what area of your career, personal life, or long-term vision you’re working on now, share your own response to “What are you catalyzing now?” with the #FemaleCatalyst tag!

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