“Life’s short. Talk fast.”

Last week, the news that all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls were coming to Netflix caused a stir on Twitter. As an ardent supporter of the series, I was delighted even though the DVDs have been accessible for years and daily reruns are on ABCFamily this seemed really distinctive.

Amid a decade when conventional TV shows thrived, Gilmore Girls was an exception. The mother-daughter dynamic wasn’t like the typical parent-child relationship where one is constantly rebelling; it was more similar to a friendship. This was completely new to us and, even though it wasn’t popular enough to win awards, plenty of people loved it and became devoted fans. There’s no doubt about it, the Gilmore Girls were amazing women. They were sharp, humorous and always had something interesting to say – no wonder they constantly had handsome men vying for their attention! Here are a few lessons we can all learn from them.

1. Consume Coffee Regularly.

If it gives you even half the energy it gave those ladies, then do it.

2. Do Work Hard.

One of the things I think the show did well was to emphasize how hard both Rory and Lorelai worked. Lorelai barely finished high school, but she was determined to make it on her own and support her daughter, so she worked her way up to management at the inn and earned a business degree. Rory was a studious kid who would rather stay in on Saturdays to do homework than go out (they couldn’t show that TV because it wouldn’t be interesting), but she definitely wasn’t at the mall every day after school.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Stand Out From the Crowd.

Gilmore Girls was, in large part, about Stars Hollow and its many wacky residents. But Rory and Lorelai loved the town because its citizens welcomed them with open arms and treated them like family. Plus, they were really fun to watch.

4. Your Intelligence Is More Essential Than Your Appearance.

And that’s all I’m going to say on the matter. But in all seriousness, getting your beauty sleep is important.

5. Education Is More Crucial Than Dating in Your Teenage Years.

One of my all-time favorite moments from the show is in the pilot episode. Rory meets a handsome guy (the dreamy Dean) and begins to doubt if she really wants to attend a wealthy private school. Her mother says, “Don’t get me wrong. Guys are great. I’m a huge fan of guys. You don’t get knocked up at sixteen being indifferent to guys. But, babe, guys are always going to be there. This school isn’t. It’s more important. It has to be more important.” It can be easy for young girls to get caught up in things that aren’t really important.

6. Keep That Friend Who Inspires You to Be Better, Even if They Drives You a Little Crazy.

The relationship between Paris and Rory was always intriguing. They started out as rivals because they were both vying for the same position, but it eventually developed into a really strong friendship. Paris would always drive Rory insane, but she also knew that she was a great friend to have.

7. Don’t Be Discouraged if You Find Yourself Struggling.

Everyone makes mistakes, even Rory Gilmore. I used to think that she was way too perfect for four seasons of the show. But finally, she made some blunders. When she was faced with a challenge, instead of viewing it as an opportunity to grow, she saw it as a personal attack. The pressure she felt was so great that she quit school and had a breakdown. I believe this is something that many women face when they go from the academic world to the workforce. It didn’t happen overnight, but eventually, Rory did find her footing and became stronger because of it.

8. Dreams Are Worth the Wait.

Another redeeming quality of the series was that both Rory and Lorelai had long-term goals that they eventually accomplished, though they didn’t happen immediately. For instance, it took Lorelai a while to open her inn doors to the public, and Rory wasn’t able to attend her Ivy League school of choice without experiencing some bumps along the road.

9. Mom Knows All.

Your mother may not be entirely up-to-date or even understand what you’re talking about, but she knows you better than anyone else and will usually have good advice. Even if you have a complex relationship with your mother, like the characters Emily Gilmore and Lorelai do, try to work at it.

10. Don’t Eat Like Them.

You will get diabetes if you don’t take care of yourself.

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