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Levo’s CEO, Staffers, and Readers Share Their Thinking Talents! (How Do Yours Compare?)

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In case you haven’t heard, this week launched an all new Levo. And one of the coolest things about this launch is our new Thinking Talents app. Have you ever wondered what energizes you, or where your strengths fall from a cognitive perspective? Well this app will take away all the mystery and reveal your innate talents. You could fall into one of four quadrants: Innovation, Relational, Procedural, or Analytical. Of if you’re really special, you just might be in all four!

Many Levo members have already jumped on the bandwagon and taken the awesome Thinking Talents quiz. We’ve picked out a few of our favorites, in the hopes that you’ll understand a little bit more what this inspiring app is all about (check out our new guide, which shows how your Thinking Talents can help you find your purpose).


1. Natasha Benjamin

@levoleague @carolineghosn just took the #ThinkingTalents quiz a few moments ago and….

— natasha j. benjamin (@natashajoleen) May 18, 2015

2. Caroline Ghosn

@natashajoleen @levoleague super innovative quadrant! Here are my #ThinkingTalents: — Caroline Ghosn (@carolineghosn) May 18, 2015

3. Nicole Smartt

What a fun app by @levoleague #ThinkingTalents How do you compare?

— Nicole Smartt (@StaffingQueenN) May 19, 2015

4. Kim Topolewski

I never realized I tend to be innovative. This is awesome! #ThinkingTalents @LevoLeague — Kim Top (@kimberrleigh) May 19, 2015

5. Kimmy

@levoleague this is a great app #ThinkingTalents 🌱developing stronger strength is key! I wish I can add more than 8!

— Kimmy (@kimberleyhiu) May 19, 2015


1. Jessica Wuensch

Loved my #ThinkingTalents results from @levoleague‘s new app! Not at all surprised by the results 😎 #ImAPeoplePerson — Jessica Wuensch (@jessica_wuensch) May 18, 2015

2. Jeanne Edson

Very cool little app from @levoleague about my #thinkingtalents #relational #careerstrengths A photo posted by Jeanne Edson (@jeanneedson) on

3. Nahal

Love the new @levoleague app #ThinkingTalents!! — Nahal (@naalface) May 18, 2015

4. Analisa Cantu

Say hi to @levoleague’s brand new app: #thinkingtalents ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• For all the Buzzfeed quiz junkies out there, give this one a whirl ;) #ThinkingTalents leads you through 35 questions to identify your eight largest strengths. You’ll find out how these work for you, but also how they could work against you and what you need to watch out for. Afterwards you can even go back and read incredible Levo sourced articles that will help you navigate each strength. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Take your iPhone out and download, download!

A photo posted by @analisacantu on


1. Erica Murphy

I’m #procedural! Download the @levoleague #ThinkingTalents app to uncover your talents — Erica Murphy (@emmurphy11) May 21, 2015

Analytical 1. Helena Hounsel

That’s ME!! My results from @levoleague‘s #ThinkingTalents App—tapping into my unique talents. — Helena Hounsel (@helenalor) May 19, 2015

All Four

1. Tina Wells

2. Sara Naatz

Just used the new @levoleague #ThinkingTalents app! — Sara Naatz (@_snaatz_) May 18, 2015

3. Dae

.@levoleague is so on time with this! #ThinkingTalents #LiveOnPurpose — dae (@Duanecia) May 19, 2015

Photo: Sam Teich / Levo

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