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Let’s Applaud Mindy Kaling For Her Awesome Response on Body Image

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This week there was a bit of controversy when Elle Magazine released four different covers featuring four different actresses for its annual ‘Women in Television Issue.’ The actresses featured were Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling, Allison Williams and Zooey Deschanel. All of the covers featured gorgeous photos of these beautiful women individually, but one of them was not like the other.

Though Kalings’ black and white photo was superb it was a close up of her face and neck while the other three actresses had full-body shots. The media immediatly went on a rampage criticizing the magazine for choosing not to show Kaling’s silouette as she is considered curvaceous in Hollywood at a size 8. This is the second time in a year Elle has been criticized for its photography choice with an actress when other actresses are featured on alternative covers.

The Gloss wrote, “The fact that Kaling is a woman of color and a woman whose size defies the conventions for actresses are two traits that should never be stripped from her when slender, white women are allowed to keep their whiteness and bodies.”

Back in the fall, the magazine was attacked for putting Melissa McCarthy on a cover in a big, drapey coat which was looked at as an attempt to cover up her plus-size figure. And like McCarthy, Kaling has decided to take the upper hand and laugh at this negative attention. Check out her Tweet:

Thank you Mindy for taking the high road with your brilliant response. Maybe the magazine did make this choice because they didn’t want to show her body, but unfortunately that is our society today. And though it is important to point out the faults of the fashion magazine industry when it comes to airbrushing and showing women’s bodies, sometimes it is just nice to let it go and appreciate it for just being a beautiful cover.

Even more brilliantly Kaling figured out how to spin it to promote her sitcom, “The Mindy Project.” Now that’s using your head.

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