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Lessons Learned: The Worst Investing Advice They Ever Got

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Don’t expect to see a flashing warning sign when you receive some terrible investing advice. The advice-giver could be a scam artist or simply misinformed, but the end result could be you losing a bunch of money.

Even years later, these three people can vividly recall the worst investing advice of their lives. Reading the lessons they learned may help you steer clear of similar scenarios. Here’s what happened:

Tricked by a tape

A cassette tape got Jason Escamilla into investing in the stock market. And he lost about $2,500.

Let’s rewind. In the early 1990s, Escamilla worked as a valet at a country club in the San Francisco Bay Area. During one shift, he hopped in a car and heard a cassette playing over the stereo system, touting the...

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