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7 Easy Ways to Support Your Partner’s Career

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When proud boyfriend Calvin Harris took to the Twittersphere to congratulate Taylor Swift on her industry-altering victory with Apple last week, the Levo team let out a giant, collective “Aww.” His gesture was sweet, but simple. All it took was a quick social media shout-out to show his partner that he supports her in her career.

Of course, your tweet doesn’t need to reach six million followers to effectively let your S.O. know that you love watching him or her succeed. There are plenty of other, equally easy ways to show your support. Check out a few of our favorites here:

1. Be a cheerleader.

“I’m really lucky to be with someone who’s not only enthusiastic about every part of my life, but offers the best wisdom and counsel I know. We’re a total team, and I really take my job as his #1 fan seriously. Whether it’s sending a ‘good luck’ note on a tough day, talking through tricky problems, or keeping the champagne ready for celebrations, we support each other every day. ” —Freyan, 28

2. Practice give and take.

“I support my boyfriend by helping him study for the certification exams that he has to take in order to become a financial advisor. I help him make flashcards and quiz him every night. He also supports me and my starting a business by giving me honest feedback and giving me a reality check when I need it. We both work hard to support each other even though our career paths are very different right now. I think it actually works out for the best, especially because we are following our passions.” —Serena, 21

3. Act as a sounding board.

“My wife relies a lot on those around her for the company-wide newsletter, which at times can be frustrating for her when people are very late on the deadline and it requires a complete redesign. In order to help her through it, I let her know I’m here for her if she needs to get something off of her chest or if she’d like a different viewpoint on something. Overall, I just reinforce that she’s great at what she does and that I’m proud of her.” —Josh, 24

4. Show love for the side-hustles.

“Over the past two years, my husband has spent a significant amount of time and effort participating in and seeking coaching opportunities within CrossFit [on top of working his day job]. Supporting and encouraging his involvement hasn’t always come easily to me—between our busy work schedules, active toddler, high-maintenance dogs, and other social commitments it’s often felt like a competing force, taking away from time together at home. However, the more he learns and grows—both in his physical abilities and knowledge of fitness and impacts on the body—the more I can see how much he’s benefitting from his experience and how it’s actually helping our family and not taking away from it.” —Jen, 30

5. Be a team player.

“My fiancé and I support each other professionally by being a strong team. We are each other’s sounding board, confidant, cheerleader, and supporter. Both of us are very driven professionals so sometimes we have to make trade-offs and we always have to be understanding. Good examples of this are trading the dinner-making duties when one of us has to work late. Another is sharing the dog-walk duties—typically he does the early morning shift so I can work out, and I do the evening since he doesn’t get home until 8 p.m. There are many more examples of this, but the bottom line is that we support each other by being one united team.” —Ellen, 31

6. Give a daily pep talk.

“The best thing my fiancée does to encourage me is remind me where I want to be at in 10 years every day when I come home from work. Sometimes I get stuck in a rut just doing my job, but she always reminds me to push harder and be more creative in my ideas because it could lead to an even better full-time position [after I graduate].” —Brett, 21

7. Ask about goals and dreams.

“I think one of the biggest ways I support my fiancée in pursuing her career goals is knowing what her goals are. Listening is so important because if your significant other doesn’t feel like they can tell you their true goals and desires, you will never be able to support them. All relationships take compromise and many times one person feels slighted because they give up their career for the other person. To truly support your significant other, you need to find out what they honestly want and then help them achieve it by sacrificing some of your own dreams and pushing them to new challenges.” —Lawrence, 23

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