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Lauren Bush and Target Have Created Something Inspiring

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This may be one of the best collaborations since peanut butter and jelly.

As part of its back-to-college campaign, Target has partnered with Feed Projects, a nonprofit founded by Lauren Bush Lauren, to create a limited-edition collection of clothes and accessories that will help feed the hungry in the U.S. Watch the video below for more information.

After becoming an honorary spokesperson for the UN World Food Programme in 2004 and getting a first hand look at the global hunger situation, she was inspired to create FEED. The Princeton graduate combined her experience from the fashion world (Lauren modeled for a few years) with her drive to bring awareness to world hunger. This resulted in the creation of the FEED bag in 2006.

The ideas was simple: for every FEED bag purchased, a child would not go hungry in school for an entire year. The FEED line eventually expanded to include accessories and clothing and today it has donated over $6 million and 60 million meals all over the world. FEED has also launched special bag and accessory lines to contribute to relief efforts in Japan, Haiti, and schools in the U.S.

A lot of the focus of FEED has been on world hunger but with this collaboration with Target, Lauren will be bringing the hunger situation in the U.S. into the spotlight. The FEED collection for Target marks the first time the retailer has treated a cause-related campaign like one of its designer collaborations. Target is producing TV and print ads, as well as a digital campaign and promotion in the store.

The designs are gorgeous (I was lucky enough to get a bag) before the line comes to stores on June 30 but I think we really need to praise Lauren for a brilliant idea. At the Forbes Women’s Summit last month she said she was inspired to create FEED not only because she saw a staggering problem in the world, but because she knew many of her friends weren’t thinking about how to solve the world hunger crisis. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to help, but they weren’t going to go to Guatemala and work at feeding centers like Bush. “I wanted a way for them to get involved that is quick and tangible,” she said at the summit. And so FEED was born. The products were a way for people to get involved with hunger immediately and make an impact.

Though we are not close to solving the hunger crisis, Lauren has definitely made a dent and in a very creative way. She is a leader, a fashionista, and an inspiration to us all. Congratulations to Lauren and Target.


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I'm so excited for this collaboration! I've always loved Target, can't wait to see how this turns out!

I love what she says about wanting to give people a small and easy way to contribute! It's such a great idea and makes me want to go out and get something from all of her lines. Bravo, Lauren!

This is amazing! I love how connected consumers will get to be with their contribution. I know where I'm getting my next iPhone case!

What an inspiration. I like the idea that when you purchase something, you can see how many meals you are providing. I love this!

Elana Gross
Elana Gross

I really admire Lauren and FEED. I admire her generosity and commitment to solving the hunger crisis. I am so glad that she is partnering with Target and making a less expensive way for people to contribute.

Its so important for big companies to get involved in these types of efforts. I can't wait to check it out!

Charity begins at home. Love this collaboration between FEED & target.

Thanks for sharing!

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