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Hollywood Needs More Women Like Kristen Bell

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This week, the always charming Kristen Bell did something many actresses in Hollywood wouldn’t even dream of. She graced the cover of Redbook after having a baby girl less than three months ago. It is not that uncommon for actresses or female celebrities to appear on a magazine cover that soon after giving birth. In fact, it is expected. However, unlike many of her peers, Bell is not back at her pre-pregnancy weight. She has lost 28 pounds since the baby was born, but she is still about 15 pounds away from her pre-pregnancy weight. For this, she is considered an pioneer in Hollywood, and we commend her.

“I’m going to continue working out and see where it goes,” Bell told Redbook. “I’d like to get back down to where I was before the baby… but if this is where my body wants to be, so be it. I’m not going to make myself miserable for the rest of my life trying to get back to where I was before.”

Take a moment and think about what celebrities like Gisele, Tori Spelling, Anna Paquin, and Jessica Alba looked like after they had babies. Within just a few weeks of giving birth, they were back in the public eye, and they looked almost exactly the same as before they were pregnant—extremely skinny. This sets impossible standards and expectations for women. While it is great to see these women bounce back so quickly, it can be pretty upsetting for women who don’t have nannies, personal chefs, and physical trainers.

The celebrity pregnancy weight loss race is vicious and creates unattainable expectations for women. “The expectation of getting back into your skinny jeans within weeks of delivery is ludicrous,” Dr. Adrienne Youdim, medical director of the Center for Weight Loss at Cedars-Sinai told Huffington Post.

The media can be vicious to celebrities who display any signs that they did just give birth to a baby. The media went hog wild last week when Kate Middleton, who made a public appearance 24 hours after giving birth, displayed a prominent baby bump. Although many in the media applauded her bravery, others wondered why she would have the audacity to do this?

Redbook Editor in Chief Jill Herzig even confessed that by featuring these celebrities that lose the weight so fast, she has not help alleviate this ridiculous expectation. She wrote on Huffington Post, “How did we get to this ridiculous place, where losing the baby weight is a competitive sport followed by millions? Magazines certainly haven’t helped, with their covers of celebrities in bikinis, all smiles and hipbones, showing off how thin they’ve gotten just a few months, or even weeks, after giving birth. As the editor of Redbook, I’ll admit I’ve sometimes been part of the problem.”

Three cheers to both Kristen Bell and Herzig for choosing to try to stop the problem and showing the world a beautiful woman who just had a baby!

[H/t The Cut]

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Thank you so much for this piece! I was super disgusted last week with the media's reaction to Kate Middleton's BEAUTIFUL post-birth baby bump. She was glowing and healthy and happy, and all anyone seemed to care about was how dare she step outside looking like that! The horror! What are we teaching new moms and young women about their bodies and babies? Forget about "leaning in" after maternity leave! You better not come back to the office until your hip bones are protruding. It's sad and pathetic how we (and the media) treat mothers. Kudos to Kristen Bell, her sloth obsession, and her wonderful man Dax Shephard. Love all around for that beautiful family!

Lovely news and kudos to Bell and Herzig!

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