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Knowing Where You Are On the Map of Life

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Why does my life feel like a roller coaster?

Haven’t we been here before?

I want to stop the agony of being so close, yet so far away.

She was job searching, had been since the election. It was beginning to feel like fun-ployment was turning to panic.

My favorite Q to ask is: Where are you in your cycle right now? And no, I’m not talking about your period.

Whenever we take on a big project or a life goal, we enter what life coach and writer, Martha Beck, refers to as the Theory of Change Cycle.

This remarkable diagram helps explain where you are AND the process of the cycle.

To explore, ask yourself these two questions:

1. Where are you right now? What phase/square are you in?

Square 1: Death and Rebirth

Square 2: Dreaming and Scheming


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