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Kirsten Dunst Had Some Very Surprising Things To Say About Getting Older in Hollywood

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Though Kirsten Dunst is only 35 she is a veteran, in every sense of the word, when it comes to working in the film industry. After all, by the time she was a tween she was acting opposite Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise in Interview with the Vampire. As she effortlessly moved from child actor to teen star (Bring It On is a masterpiece no matter what anyone says) to serious adult actress serving as Sophia Coppola's muse and making a beautiful transition into television with Fargo last year, she has clearly gotten to know the ins and outs of this complex industry. She especially has seen its treatment of women when it comes to film roles and her opinion of how Hollywood treats "older" actresses may surprise you.

In a recent interview with Nylon, Dunst said that, yes, the roles for women past the age of 30 are definitely fewer and far between. Many actresses say that the time period between playing the ingenue and playing the ingenue's mother is a quick one. However, it sounds like Dunst is looking forward to playing the mother.

“You’re almost better off being older,” she said as the film industry seems perplexed with what to do with actresses in their mid-30s. She says she has aged out of playing "the young girl who’s just, like, beautiful and things are happening to her.”

Though Dunst definitely had her big, ingenue, bankable films (the first Spiderman films), Dunst is now focusing on appearing in really good films, even if her part isn't the biggest. She did this most recently with the highly lauded Hidden Figures. “A lot of the choices I make are director-driven,” she says. “I’d rather do a tiny little whatever in a good film.”

This is important to note in light of a recent study from the USC Viterbi School of Engineering's Signal Analysis and Interpretation Lab (SAIL)which found that after an analyzation of 7000 characters and over 53,000 dialogues in nearly 1000 film scripts women spoke less, and female roles were also often not considered to be central to the plot except for in horror films where they played the victim. Dunst, who stars in the upcoming film Woodshock by Rodarte designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy, is smart to pick out the most significant role over the most bankable one.

H/t Hello Giggles

Tony Barson / Contributor for Getty

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