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Just Stop: Being Modest About Your Greatness

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I love movies about war. I love documentaries about war. I love sweeping narratives that take place during wartime. And one of my favorite war movies of all time is Zero Dark Thirty.

Jessica Chastain plays Maya, a steely, single-minded agent on a relentless decade-long hunt for Osama Bin Laden. My favorite scene is when the Maya and higher-level agents present a model of Bin Laden’s compound to the CIA Director. Maya chimes in during their presentation, and the Director asks who she is. She responds, “I’m the mother****** who found this place.”

Now that’s an introduction.

We, the audience, love Maya because she’s fearless, focused, and completely unabashed about her mission. She isn’t braggy when she’s right, but she isn’t afraid to be recognized for it. So why aren’t more women like Maya when it comes to their careers and their personal success story?

Look, humility is good, and it’s a likable human quality. Everyone likes the “It was team effort” response. But it’s okay to take credit when you accomplish something. It’s okay to own your successes, raise your hand, and say Yep. That was all me. You’re doing yourself an injustice if you don’t.

This isn’t about Girl Power, either. It’s about Personal Power. I work on the Creative Team at an advertising agency, and a lot of my success comes from the help of my team. But I’m not afraid to own up to the work when it’s mine. That’s because I value my career and I’m proud of the work that propels it forward. Plus, I feel like it commands a little more respect for my time and talent.

So go out there and be confident in the good you’re doing. We’ve got your back.

This article was originally published on ProfessionGal.

Photo: Zero Dark Thirty / Facebook


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