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An All New Levo is Here!

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Today we are growing so that you can grow.

You: Want to create a life you’re passionate about, and have impact in your career.

Team Levo: Is sick and tired of the dinosaur 1990s resources (I was three…) available to navigate your career, and is doing something about it.

We: Will figure this out together. A new chapter begins today—we’re bringing a new level of game to the table for you. Our promise to you remains steadfast—we’re here to make it easier to grow, learn, and build connections so you are the agent of impact in your life. Our delivery against that promise just went to the next level, through our blood, sweat, and tears over the past few months. We’ve spoken with thousands of you and heard the same questions: “How do I know what’s right for me? Where do I start? How can I showcase my authentic professional story? How can I meet others like me or others who can teach me how to shine? How do I stay inspired and motivated to create a life I love?”

{drumroll} Here’s our answer to you:

  1. The best profile on the internet. Now you can tell your story the way you want, authentically, accurately, and beautifully reflecting your path. Use it to showcase your career to the world. Goodbye, bullet points. Hasta la vista, linear resume. Check out mine here.

  2. A personalized dashboard. When you visit the Levo homepage and share a bit about yourself (including through building your profile, above), we can immediately customize personalized connections and learning recommendations for you. Think of it as a running coach for your career. Every single day our engineers will work to make Levo smarter and smarter at showing you exactly what you need. The more we know about you, the better we will be at it.

  3. Our newest iOS app, Thinking Talents. Identify your unique talents and learn how to wield them for good. Even better: take TT with a loved one or teammate to understand how to play & work best. Download it here.

  4. Jumper cables for your career. We’ve partnered with the best and brightest (hello Gabrielle Bernstein!) to teach you how to find your purpose, articulate your mission, and tell that story right to build, build, build your network.

We are not going to be perfect from Day 1. We’re going to be listeners and we are going to be relentless at improving every day. Send us your love / disappointments / issues / ideas at and we’re on it.

We’re in it together—let’s show the world what this generation can do.

Photo: Sam Teich / Levo

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