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Interview with Brianne Burrowes

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Ever wondered what it was really like to work in Finance, or PR? Or what it’s like to be a teacher, an engineer or a lawyer? Do you ever wish someone would sit you down and tell you the truth – the whole truth and nothing but the truth – about a profession you want to enter? does exactly that. It’s an online community where women in different professions share their experience regarding the field they’re in, talking about everything from specific jobs to specific companies, and the women who work in them. We talked to IWHJ’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief Brianne Burrowes about building this website, entrepreneurship, and how to get what you want out of your career. The idea for came to Brianne 2 years ago. Living in Montana and writing for a fashion website, she was profiling different women from the fashion industry once a week. Recognizing the lack of mentorship for women seeking to enter or change career paths prompted her to expand the idea of profiling women in fashion to include women in other professions. In April 2010, Brianne launched Her motivation, she says is, “to help women find their dream job by providing them with mini-informational interviews” that give them insight on what it’s like to work in different professions. Brianne’s top priority in setting up, was to foster a sense of camaraderie by “forming a community where women want to help each other – not stab each other in the back.” So far, she has received a fantastic response both from readers and from contributors. In fact, one of her readers, in a total chance encounter on an airplane, actually happened to meet the flight attendant whose career profile she had read on! is not the only thing that occupies Brianne’s time. She is also a full-time digital strategist at the advertising agency WDCW as well as the editor-in-chief of She admits that it’s not easy balancing all these roles, and it’s often tough to find time for herself. To maintain some semblance of work-life balance she has instituted a strict “sanity rule” where two nights a week she switches off her laptop and keeps it that way. “These nights are really important for preventing burnout, and it’s usually those nights that I get the best ideas” she says. On starting her own website, and pursuing her dreams, Brianne says, “the entrepreneurial bug is seriously the best thing to be bitten by. Most people hold back because of their fear of failure, but following your dreams is really just a matter of stepping up and going for it, without worrying that you’ll fail.” She highly recommends Seth Godin’s workbook Ship It as the ultimate entrepreneurial resource, and advises aspiring entrepreneurs to “Just go for it – and don’t forget to network as if your life depends on it!”

Photo: Brianne Burrowes/ Facebook

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