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International Women's Day

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We have come such a long way so quickly.  

Because our mothers and grandmothers and their mothers and grandmothers showed up, spoke up, rose up. In their big ways and their little ways, they gave us more. More education, more opportunities, more confidence in our paths. Thank you mom. Thank you grandma C and grandma R. You made me strong. Thank you to my sisters @Maya Ghosn‍ and Nadine  - you lead by example in your own individual ways and rise to your potentials with a fearlessness that makes the earth shake. Thank you to every single one of you who has extended a helping hand or received mine. Thank you for being you and for filling the space where fear loves to fester.

We have a long way to go. 

Because even just yesterday (!) in the narrow scope of my startup world I saw it in women. Spoke with women, wound women up for the Marathon, women in my world, women with pedigrees that can picket ice walls. The wall, somewhere. With investors - How the power goes where the money flows. And the money still flows to the men. With advisors - How much stronger we are when someone believes in our potential. And yet we still size women up based on performance and men on potential. With each other - How much stronger we are together. And how much work we have left to truly arrive at #womenhelpingwomen in the workplace. With ourselves - How limitless we can be when we apply the lens of love inwards. And much we judge or hold ourselves to impossible standards. 

It is what it is and it happened so that we could get here. I have come to accept that. But I resist the quick bridge that can lead from acceptance to defeat. 

Let's take what wisdom is available from past experience. 

Let's harness that in unprecedented ways and carry our mission forward - 

Every woman deserves to be safe, physically and emotionally. 

Every woman deserves an education, so that she has a shot at full development. 

Every woman deserves the space to find her purpose. 

I pledge to enable this and scale it in every way that I can possibly devise throughout my lifetime, and I support and commend you for your role in this shared journey. 

We founded Levo on the principle that everyone can achieve meaning in their career, and that we can use technology to scale that. 

We chose career because it is what many of us dedicate the vast majority of our day, the vast majority of our week, the vast majority of our month, to year after year. As such it is a powerful path to self-realization. My grandmother wasn't able to fulfill her dreams of becoming a doctor, my mother bootstrapped the hell out of her path, and here I stand in testament to that and in unwavering support of my generation and every single one that will come behind us. You go. You get it. 

May International Women's Day be a time to reflect on our highest selves. 

We are always better 

when we carry ancestral wisdom

when we stick together

when we apply the lens of love. 

You go. You get it. 

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