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If You Don't Want To Be Stressed Every Day, Steer Clear of These 10 Professions

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This month a new show started on Fox called 9-1-1 and as you can guess it is about first responders. The people that come to help you when you call 9-1-1. Of course, this is the not the first show about this subject nor will it be the last. Let's face it, jobs where adrenaline is required make for good TV. But this show also demonstrates the toll these kinds of pressure-filled jobs take on people. It is no wonder fire fighter and policeman/woman made the CareerCast's 2018 Most Stressful Jobs report. After all, in these jobs employees commonly face risk of death or injury, physical demands, and other hazards every single day.

Of course, just because you may not be in any real danger, it doesn't mean you can't feel plenty of pressure. Reporter, Broadcaster and Public Relations Executive are professions with high public visibility. Nearly three-quarters of the American population is estimated to suffer from public speaking anxiety, so with that in mind, one could understand how these careers are high stress.

Here is the full list of the most stressful jobs.

If risking your life at work on a daily basis doesn't sound appealing to you then you may want to check out something a little less stressful. Here are CareerCast's Least Stressful Jobs of 2018.

You can see the full list here.

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