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I Got a Job Offer! Now What?

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You’ve worked your resume to perfection, tapped into your networks, and aced your interviews. It paid off—you’ve just been offered your dream job! Now what?

We spend so much time trying to land the offer, we often rush right through the process that follows. Consider these key steps to navigate your next job transition like a boss.

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1. Celebrate.

Take a mindful moment here to congratulate yourself. That offer means they want you above everyone else interviewed. Go ahead and let that go to your head for a moment. Remember your value and know your worth. The ball is in your court now.

Before you begin nit-picking the pros and cons of the position, call a friend or two and share the good news! Research shows that talking about positive achievements with people you care about improves well-being, life satisfaction and can give you more energy.

Take a moment to bask in your glory. It’s good for your health.

2. Negotiate.

With an offer, the negotiation process begins. Start by making the decision to negotiate in the first place; it’s rare that an employer will lay out the red carpet for your counter offer. (Here’s how to prepare for the negotiation conversation.)

Remember, you’re not arguing: negotiation is a process of mutual reconciliation, in which two parties come together to achieve a desired outcome. They already made it clear that they want you–what do you want?

Once you can answer that question, get ready to ask for more.

3. Bounce like a boss.

If, after negotiation, you decide to take the job, it’s crucial to not burn bridges and take steps to leave your job gracefully. If you have a direct supervisor, that’s where you need to start the conversation. If not, your HR department would be the next best bet.

Ask for a time to sit down in person, or drop by one of their offices and ask, “Do you have a few minutes to chat?” That way, you can be sure to have the conversation in person. No need to over-explain or feel guilty: you have done nothing wrong.

Follow these steps to keep a level head and make progress toward the happy, healthy, (Bossed Up) career you want.

Photo: Paul Bradbury / Caiaimage / Getty Images


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Viewing on Levo:

Only you can see this list

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Fantastic advice Emilie! Owning your worth and then negotiating to reflect it is key.
During the transition between roles, I like to note the top 3 learnings I'm taking from the role I'm leaving and then top 3 desires/objectives I'm seeking from the new role. I find that investing the time to do this before Day 1 really gives me clarity and focus as I step into a new environment.

What wonderful additions, Tania! Thanks for weighing in, boss!

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