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How You Are Investing For Your Future? Tell Us Now

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We just learned in our joint report with Merkle about the spending habits of women, who hold 85 percent of U.S. spending power with $170 billion of that power coming from millennial women, specifically. But now our question is, how are they investing it? 

Recent research from finds that three-quarters of millennials have savings and they started doing this earlier than previous generations. However, nearly 80 percent of millennials are not investing, especially women. But is this the whole story? And if so,  why aren't we investing? 

There are many myths and false information out there when it comes to women and investing which is why SoFi and Levo have partnered to demystify this. Please take our quick survey and help us shine a light on how women build wealth, and what can be done to help us build more. Let's do this!

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