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How Working In Tech Changed My Career

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I still remember that interview question: “Why do you want to work in tech?”

In the interview I talked about how everything is turning to tech these days. But I had no idea how true that would ring for me.

Through a connection I found myself at an amazing tech PR company last fall in my search for a senior year internship. I had no previous experience in tech, and had started a blog that I loved, but felt was lacking focus.

Working In TechnologyOver those first few months at my internship, I saw a huge change in everything–from what I was reading to the ideas I was bringing forward. Getting involved with tech didn’t just widen my perspective, but changed my path.

I always loved writing and blogging, but it’s easy to get lost when you don’t have something specific you’re passionate about. Especially when you’re studying journalism, where all your teachers encourage specializing in a topic.

In my first three years of college, I hadn’t found much that helped me stand out from the crowd. But once I started interning, I had to start reading and understanding what was going on in the world our clients lived in. I started reading Mashable and TechCrunch religiously, fell in love with The Verge and Vox’s tech storytelling, and became more active on social media to keep up with the latest articles and sharing the ones I liked best.

But it wasn’t just what I was reading. I started blogging more about these great tech ideas and news that related to so many interests I already had. I started looking into how to code, details about Bitcoin, and became a go-to for friends about apps, Chrome extensions, and all things digital.

Some might think of tech as only for those who build apps. Tech, it turns out, unites those with all kinds of skill sets, from writing to coding, giving each a chance to learn about the other with united passion for building and creating the future with technology.

Before all this happened, I was a copy editor on the newspaper. Soon after my internship I was selected for online managing editor, and now work with the website, social media, and multimedia of the campus paper. It’s amazing getting to play with web design and coding, not to mention launching a new blog with my classmates. As a graduate come the end of May, my job prospects all relate to tech, whether they’re a tech firm or an opportunity to write about tech.

For me, tech wasn’t an industry I was pushing to break into; it was a place I found that united so many of my interests and helped me find the speciality in my work, and my future, was missing.

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