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How to Succeed: 32 Suggestions #BYDN

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How to succeed at life, connect with others, aka network or just get sh#t done, build community, find meaning, contribute, live decently and authentically in this world, find your tribe, get more sh#t done and so on and so forth:

Don’t just proclaim you’re an expert, Build Your Expertise!

Practice. Try. Discover.


Dedicate yourself to your chosen craft (read Stephen King’s “On Writing” for inspiration).

Study. Observe. Then inquire.

Stay curious. Truly be a life long learner.

Do the work required and then some.

Work beyond the corners of your job description.

Invest the time to become the expert, because after all, you are your own best investment.

Build Your Network, Community, Tribe.

Don’t be a jerk (yes, it is that simple!)....

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