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How to Prepare for the Holiday Vacation

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The holidays are an exciting time…until they get stressful. Between leaving work for vacation, buying gifts, and the actual travel, there’s so much to think about. Preparing for time off for a holiday vacation is the key to keeping what many call the most wonderful time of the year, in fact, wonderful.

There are a few steps you can take in the weeks before your vacation to ensure that everything will go smoothly and stay orderly when you arrive back to the office.

Ready? Set? Let’s prepare!

Before you leave the office:

1. Call any clients who may need you over your holiday to let them know you will be out. Ensure them that in an emergency, you can be reached, and leave them with the proper contact information to reach you. Follow up with an email including this information, just to be safe.

2. Order anything you may need upon your return. This is a great tip for everyone in the office. Take a moment to check on supplies that may be low and have them ordered and ready so there’s no stress upon your arrival.

3. Clean up before you leave. Make sure your desk space is cleared and tidy and that all files are where they belong. This is also a great opportunity to sort through client information and whatever may be most crucial for when you return.

4. Develop a “Return Plan.” Coming back from vacation is like having a severe case of the Mondays for an entire week. Remedy this by putting a to-do list together of projects or meetings that must be prioritized. Set any alerts for emails or news stories that you would like to catch up on for your first day back as well!

Before you travel:

1. Make a list. There’s nothing that compares to the nagging feeling you get when you feel like you forget something. This always seems to happen at travel times. A day or two before you go, make a list out of your daily routine. When you wake up, what do you do? Do you put on glasses? Contacts? Add those to the must-pack list. Continue listing items you use throughout the day, and you’ll never forget a travel essential again!

2. Get the right people in the right places. If you’ll be gone for more than a day or two, have someone pick up your mail, or house/pet sit. Leave them with any crucial information along with your travel information and phone numbers.

3. Confirm. With the holiday season comes crazy weather. Confirm your travel plans, whether it’s your driving route or train/flight schedule to ensure that you’re where you need to be with minimal delays.

4. Don’t forget to rest! Vacations, as relaxing as they can be, are filled with activities, especially during the holidays, when you’ll be constantly surrounded by family and friends. If you start the trip well rested, it will be much more enjoyable, and you’ll return in high spirits!

With a few to-do lists and these tips, you’ll not only be the expert on how to prepare for a holiday vacation, but you’ll also be relaxed and confident that everything has been covered. Happy holidays!

Photo: kristamonique / Pixabay

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