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How to Pack for a Trip and Not Stress

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It’s amazing how you can stand in front of a closet full of clothes and not want to wear a single thing, because they all look terrible. It’s also amazing how you can stare into your suitcase and not quite know which of the three things you want to wear, because they all look great.

When I was younger, I under-packed. Like, the kind of under-packing where I brought only my most versatile clothes and brought fewer options than the number of days I’d be there, planning on re-wearing my clothes at least twice. It worked, and I always had plenty of room for souvenirs, but it was pretty boring. I wore what I had to wear, not what I wanted to wear.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve let myself go a little bit and—gasp—brought clothes along I never ended up wearing! It’s mostly been going-out clothes—I’ll bring along an extra skirt or dress because they’re “small” and “don’t take up room” in my suitcase, and “you never know” where you might end up. But my day-to-day travel wardrobe? I got that down pat. And the best part about summer holiday travel is that the clothes are usually so small, suitcase space is much less of an issue! Read on for a couple of tips to make your holiday travel and wardrobe as easy as possible.

1. Neutral clothes. Colorful accessories.

Not only is this my holiday travel mantra, but also how I dress myself on a daily basis. It helps that I like the way neutral clothes look on me, but keeping the majority of my color palette neutral means it’s easier to switch up a look with small items that take up less space in a suitcase.

2. Dresses.

Must this be explained further? I think most girls know the value of a good cotton sundress. Small, lightweight, can be worn all day and night. Just maybe bring something to cover up with if it’s breezy at night. (And here we are again with a nice, colorful accessory, like a big scarf!)

3. Roll your clothes.

Is this also something that people still don’t know about? Look how teeny tiny that is! Rolling your clothes up saves SO MUCH space in your suitcase. It’s magic. If you like having more options on vacation, this will make it possible.

4. Chill out.

You’ll remember the vacation, not the clothes. If you don’t have the perfect outfit for an occasion, well, you’re kind of screwed. So why dwell on it? I can guarantee most people won’t remember what shirt your wore as the fireworks went off over the East River or the golf course or the lake or wherever you watched them—they’ll remember the day or the trip or the whatever. And if you’re really upset about your clothes, make sure all pictures are shot from the collarbone up. And if your friends are really upset about your clothes, get new friends. So go pack. GO!!

This article was originally published on ProfessionGal.

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