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How To Make the Best of a Job You Hate

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That’s it. You have to face it. You have come to the realization that you’re not into your job. Now what? The long and oftentimes stressful process of the job hunt? No one looks forward to that. But what if you aren’t super enthused about your specific role but dig your company? There has to be a way to fix that. A way to create a more ideal version of your job but one that your employer sees as realistic as well. It just so happens that there is. It’s called job crafting. And it sounds cool but I’m not a sorcerer. Fear not, job crafting is a process that anyone can and should attempt.

Now, how to get started: Take stock. Examine your existing job. Where do you spend your time? Break your day down into things you love and things you’re less than thrilled about. Figure out how much of your time is spent on each and keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to make changes within that framework.

Identify your happy. What motivates you? Find the parts of your existing job that light you up and figure out why you like them. Recognize your strengths and what parts of the role you find most invigorating. Now, think about ways you can fill more of your days with that type of work.

Mix and match. Once you’ve taken stock of everything, brainstorm ways to spend more of your time on the strengths/passions/fun part of the role and less on the opposite end of the spectrum. Scope out what’s coming up next in terms of your projects and see how you can approach them with your fresh perspective. Understand your company’s goals. Be aware of these and the ways you can use your identified skills sets and spend more of your time happily achieving them. And helping others do the same. That will make it an easier sell into the parties that be.

Keep killing it. All along, you should be working your hardest to deliver on all aspects of your role. The good, the bad and the ugly. Make certain your manager knows you will be able to stretch and modify your role without skipping a beat. Performing your best will make your employers more willing to make adjustments to keep you happily engaged.

Share your passions. Tell people what you’re up to. Get support from as many folks as you can. Make it evident to those around you how helpful changes to your role will be to not only the organization but their lives as well.

It’s a real bummer to walk from a company that you like simply because you aren’t 100% engaged in your existing role. Take back control of your career. Job crafting is a simple exercise hoping to get you to a better place. Take a step back, breathe and give it a whirl. You’d be surprised how possible it is to mold your dream job.

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