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How to #GetBigThingsDone

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How do you make a dream a reality? That’s exactly what we figured out at last evening’s Local Levo New York event hosted by Erica Dhawan and Deloitte. Erica Dhawan, a Levo mentor and thought leader on the power of Connectional Intelligence, filled us in on the “secret sauce” of how to take any dream and see it come to fruition. Here is her four-step recipe for dream-making success!

1. Take a Dream

We all have to start somewhere! Do you want to run a half-marathon? Is your dream to become a wedding dress designer? Have you always wanted to work for a company that supports a cause you’re passionate about? Whatever your dream is, it matters. And you’re never too busy for your dream. It’s not about time, it’s about a commitment.

2. Add Connection

Accomplishing your dream is not a solitary process. Proactively reach out for help and support, especially to new people. Next time you meet someone you’d like to connect with, in addition to thinking about how they can help you, think about how you can help them. And most importantly, make a conscious effort to stop comparing yourself to others. It’s about connection, not competition!

3. Dream Bigger

We’ve heard it before: We’re as good as the five people we spend the most time with. Erica reminded us that this adage still holds true. It’s crucial to curate a group of friends, colleagues, and mentors who will help you reach your dream. Don’t wait for luck to find you, go make your own luck!

4. Get Big Things Done

Now’s the time to make it happen! Make an effort to do one thing today to get closer to your dream. The smallest steps to your dream are still steps. Want to know one great way to get started? Make a public statement. Yes, that means telling people. You never know what opportunities may be right at your doorstep. Concerned about asking for favors? Ask for commitments instead.

How to #GetBigThingsDone

Interested in learning more? Check out Erica’s brand new book Get Big Things Done! And let Erica know what dream you’re pursuing by engaging on Twitter at @edhawan and @levoleague with the #getbigthingsdone hashtag!

Photos: Sam Teich / Levo League

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