Last week, I overslept and consequently had to rush out during a fierce downpour. There I was – jumping into puddles on my way, desperately stuffing my wallet, phone, and breakfast bar into an overflowing bag. Even though I was in the back of a taxi applying makeup, that’s how my Monday went. Whenever days like this happen, I can’t help but think to myself: “Girl, you need to get it together.

We all have a mental image of what an organized business looks like – likely due to the presence of “that girl” in our lives who always manages everything with ease. The young woman who saunters into work early, with a consistent smile and an awareness of the current events. I am a firm believer that “Fake it till you make it.” Instead of the usual phrase, I recently stumbled across an alternate that gets right to the point: “Fake it until you become it.” Assembling everything will likely not occur instantaneously (I’m more sensible than that), yet you can take small steps toward it each day while foregoing adding contacts in the rear of a taxi.

Wake Up Early

People who exercise in the morning have an enchanting power that I can only marvel at. They are practically deities with their superhuman capabilities! The comfort and warmth of your bed are beckoning to you, making the idea of leaving it and emerging into the world beyond feel like a daunting task. To boost your levels of joy and productivity, nothing is better than going for a run or doing some living room yoga before you start your day. A gentle shower to relax afterward followed by making breakfast will give the same kick-start as drinking gallons of coffee would! Get up when the birds do – it’ll thank you in every way possible.

Quick Tip: Being forced to face a new day while still in the depths of such an enjoyable REM sleep cycle can make those early mornings feel like torture. Sleep Time, available on the iPhone, is like no other alarm clock–it utilizes your sleep cycles to determine when to wake you up. With this revolutionary technology at your fingertips, even those dreaded early mornings will be much more bearable; you’ll feel well-rested and rejuvenated!

Read Anything You Can Get Your Hands On

Stimulate your mind with a healthy dose of knowledge by perusing blogs, articles, newspapers, and more over breakfast. Get creative – scroll through your RSS feeds for an invigorating start to the day! Not only will this help you hone your writing skills, but it will also allow you to recognize leaders in your field. Gone are the days of blogs being relegated to late-night rant sessions powered by a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. Nowadays, professionals use them as an effective career tool to deliver sage advice, as well as review key industry events.

Quick Tip: Bloglines is an ultra-convenient news aggregator, so you can choose to follow industry blogs, career blogs, or even just fun entertainment sites. A few of my top picks are Your Coffee Break, Career Goddess, Secrets of the Job Hunt and Joy the Baker – there’s something for everyone!

Follow Current Events

Don’t feel like you need to read every newspaper article, however, if your colleagues are discussing the headline of the day, it’s probably a wise idea for you to be well-informed about what they’re referring to.

Do not be that person who is asking “What Is Syria?” Instead, take an active role in understanding what’s going on around the world and pay attention to news from Turkey too! Embrace the strategy of fake it until you make it by staying informed and engaging in meaningful conversations.

Quick Tip: Get the latest news straight to your inbox daily with The Skimm, an easy-to-read current events newsletter. Whether you’re on the train or in your office in the morning, it only takes five minutes for a comprehensive update on what’s happening around the world!

Participate in the Conversation

Twitter is a powerful platform for thought leadership. By simply sharing an engaging article that you found interesting, you can connect with hundreds or thousands of people who may have similar interests in no time! Just click the Twitter button and voila! Are you passionate about social media or social enterprise?

Don’t be timid – share an SEO study link on Twitter or talk about Warby Parker’s recent endeavors! Engaging in a conversation is what makes “fake it till you make it” so unique.

Quick Tip: Get your name out there on the Twittersphere by Tweeting at companies and products you use, as well as publications that you read. For example, after reading a stellar Huffington Post article this morning? Share it with others online and make sure to mention @HuffingtonPost and tag the writer! This will help spread awareness of yourself among those connected to social media.

To be honest, we all stumble through life. But when you feel good about your body and brain, it can help to create the best version of yourself for any professional situation. Let’s make it clear that even the most put-together person has days when they wake up late, with a mad mop of hair and feeling frazzled. It is important to embrace those moments, but also allow yourself time to fake being confident until you feel more stable. The goal is not perfect all the time; sometimes we have hot mess days too!

Do you have a morning ritual that grounds and energizes you? We would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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