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Here's How You Can Help Victims of Mexico's Devastating Earthquake

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On Tuesday, Mexico was hit by a massive 7.1 magnitude earthquake. President Enrique Pena Nieto revealed that the resulting damage has reportedly collapsed at least 44 buildings, belonging to homes, schools, and places of business. The current death toll stands at approximately 200, with 22 of those fatalities from a collapsed school, and an additional 30 students and 8 adults still missing, ABC News reports.

As the catastrophes and death tolls continue to mount, many people are wondering what could possibly be done to assist. Here is a roundup of things you can do right now to help those in need.


The Mexican disaster relief group, Brigada de Rescate Topos was founded after the deadly 8.0 magnitude earthquake in Mexico in 1985. Their rescuers are trained to safely and efficiently explore collapse buildings for survivors. You can support them with these efforts, as well as food, shelter, and water for responders and survivors, by donating to their bank account or sending money straight through their Paypal at They also have a website for additional information.

Project Paz is a New York-based organization created by Mexican nationals with the goal of supporting Latinx children both within the United States and Latin America abroad. They are currently working with the Texas-based group El Paso Community Foundation to get as many necessary supplies on the ground in Mexico as soon as possible, according to Mashable. You can send them a tax-deductible donation here.

If you're looking to donate to a larger organization, consider UNICEF Mexico, Red Cross Mexico, Oxfam Mexico, and Save the Children Mexico. These organizations are similarly collecting funding to provide housing, clothes, shelter, water, and food for survivors and aftermath relief.


If you're really willing and able to be on-site, you can assist with getting a group together or finding one to travel to the affected areas to assist with rescue efforts. There are plenty groups roaming the inter-streets of Twitter, but Mexico City officials are also coordinating volunteers to make it easier. You can find a list of hostels throughout the city here as well.

Use Social Media

If sending money or lending time are not feasible contributions, there is another way to help. Social media has been vital during disasters as of late, and this instance is no different. With a large number of missing persons, misinformation, and vital details to disseminate, using your voice on your platforms can help speed up the process of recovery, and even save a life.

Google's people finder platform is now active, and people can now share information about missing persons, ask for help in locating friends or family members, and check to see if anything has been updated or uploaded about people in your network you may be looking for.

There's also information about free hospitalsand available housing in impacted areas you can share in your network. You could also share public safety reminders, such as how cars can easily become hazards and block the way for rescuer vehicles to and from disaster sites.

(Photo by ALFREDO ESTRELLA/AFP/Getty Images)

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