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Gratitude lists

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So, everyone’s asking, “Candice can you tell us what you’re grateful for this year?” Oh yes I can, certainly: my gratitude list: what’s on your list?

1- human connection: this includes my best friends, my family, my heritage trips to Japan. All of that in real life. I’m grateful for being as real as the come, in person+ IRL.

2- mom + dad: mom, single handedly helped me on this book, for the past few years & my God she is the most brilliant (& hilarious) woman on the planet.

3- for work: w/o it, I couldn’t pay the team or my bills. I also never take a single project for granted.

4- for a creative mind: I’m not a business person, I hate finances, I don’t like 9-5 jobs. I’m stoked that I’ve got a creative mind + creative heritage it...

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