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Giving Gratitude: What Bad Moment Are You Thankful For This Year?

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Welcome to Levo’s holiday series, Giving Gratitude! Through Thanksgiving on Thursday, Nov. 28, Gen Y women and men share with you what they are most thankful for this year. In this installment, Levo’s Community Manager Maxie McCoy expresses gratitude for, well—all of life’s b.s.

“I’m so thankful for all that B.S. that happened to me this year!” Said no one, ever.

Except maybe me. When I envision what I’ll share with my family over turkey and mac ‘n’ cheese at the Cowboys game (#TexasGirlProblems—that’s where we spend the holiday) it’d be easiest and true to rattle off how much I appreciate my family, amazing job, great friends, and overall, the amount of support and love that I have in my life. It’s the “easy” thing to be thankful for because it’s the feel good thing to talk about. But there would be one very important thing missing that I’m particularly thankful for every year. It is an element of our lives that I don’t think any of us says “hallelujah” for just enough: the bad times.

You know which times I’m talking about. For me, those were the ones where I had such bad anxiety, was so fearful of an outcome, that my muscles twitched uncontrollably. The moments where I couldn’t see past the tears and was more or less sure the heart inside my chest was actually broken. The days I royally screwed up and let someone I cared about down. When I failed and fell flat on my face. The days I felt alone, a total disappointment and seriously questioned if I’d ever find my way.

This year, those are the days for which I’m equally as grateful. It was in those moments that I found my strength and was forced to find a way to reignite the fire that makes me who I am. I had no choice but to be resilient. It was bounce-back or wither into a version of myself that was less than desirable.

You have had those moments, too. Shoot, you could be having one of those days right now. Or maybe it’s a year of crap that’s been happening. We all experience it and in varying degrees. You’re so not alone. The honest truth is that it’s not ever going to go away, some days and moments will just be worse than others. And likely, there will be a thousand more good times than all the tough times combined. However, when they come, it’s up to you to ride them with a wave of grace.

The bad times aren’t as bad as they might seem. Those are the moments that you probably learn more about yourself than any other time. Find a way to appreciate them because it is in those moments that you learn who you are and find the gusto to move on to be the woman you want to be. Be emotional, process through the crap, talk about it, seek support, then move on and thank the universe for a lesson in strength. How could you not be thankful for the experiences that make you great?

“I’m so thankful for all that B.S. that happened to me this year!” said every Levo girl, ever.

What bad time are you thankful for this year? Tell us in the comments section.

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Aw @maxiemccoy!!! This is so wonderful!!!

"Maxie rocks!" said every Levo girl, ever.

Amen to this post! I have been in Nashville for about 1.5 years and some amazing things have happened but some awful things have really forced me to step back and do some intentional reflection on my life. Those low points help me aim for future high points. This is golden advice.

Yes! I am thankful for the bad times because they make us stronger. Great article Maxie!

This is so poignant and powerful. It's true - I am grateful for the times I was overwhelmed, stressed, or clueless because those have definitely become the times I look back on and know that I grew or learned. Thank you for sharing this reflection.

My career path has been more of a Rocky road so far. I am glad I am not the only one feeling this.

You are amazing Maxie!! I love this, and such a great reminder!

Thank you so much for this Maxie! I'm slightly in that moment RIGHT NOW where I feel a little bit of anxiety about some major life choices & changes. It feels a little rough BUT I am also finding strength in myself that I never knew I even had. I am also able to see where I have grown because I see that I'm not responding in ways that I normally would in the past and seeing that growth encourages me. The bad times have allowed me to reflect & change and I am so grateful! :) So thank you for this reminder to really revel in that gratitude of those bad moments and what positive outcomes those moments bring too! :)
Happy Thanksgiving Maxie and all us Levo girls! :)

2013 was a rocky year professionally and personally. Nonetheless, I am still thankful because I learned a lot this year and I am optimistic that this year will help me make sure 2014 is a great and memorable year!!

Maxie you are such a rockstar! Congrats on nailing the only career-related Thanksgiving article anyone will ever need to read again.

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