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Friday Future Leaders, June 8, 2012: Brit Morin of Brit Media and Weduary Takes on Martha Stewart

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Pinterest boards, especially the crafty or yummy ones, can seriously induce a DIY panic attack. While trying to execute on Pinterest earrings made of coffee filters and a flag-carved watermelon seemed like a good idea at the time, in reality (unless you have Martha Stewart-like skills) you probably just end up looking like you have tissue hanging from your ear while eating butchered fruit.

This is coming from a girl who cannot keep even a Chia Pet alive and has often wished aloud “if only there was an app for that.” If you share in my sentiment at all, you can thank the high heavens for Ms. Martha Stewart 2.0, Brit Morin. Brit has recently founded the new lifestyle brand, Brit Media, aimed for the young generation of women who are tech savvy and want to take their online ideas off their computer screen and into the real world…successfully.

Martha In the Making

Brit is a Texas girl who had anything but a Martha Stewart mother. Rather, her mom never taught her how to braid her hair and she rarely cooked. Brit was one of the last people whom you’d guess would have started a domestic living site. But her experiences at Apple and then Google fueled her creative fire. Fancied with gadgets and tech, Brit decided it was time to learn real life domestic skills, and signed up to take a few classes. Unfortunately, she still found that– as many of us have also found– recipes and DIY crafts were too confusing and time consuming for her techy nature. From that, Brit Media was born.

Brit Media provides online users smart shortcuts, tutorials and creative living ideas. It gives our generation, who has grown up online and has close to zero idea how to be domestic, the tools to styling outfits, cleaning house, cooking, and decorating in real life… all with a tech flair. Want to know about different apps that can deliver virtual presents to your dad on Father’s Day (June 17th by the way),, the flagship website, is where you’d find it. is just the beginning of Brit’s master plan to expand to phone applications and software and usher in the next generation of lifestyle.

Going to the Chapel

One of the most exciting new ventures from Brit Media is an application called Weduary, which sprouted from Brit’s own real life experience planning her wedding to Dave Morin, founder of Path. Weduary allows brides to build custom websites and connect with their wedding guests before the big event. Want to play cupid and match all your single guests before the wedding? Weduary has you covered. Additionally, Weduary allows the bride and groom to leverage Facebook’s social graph to import photos, invite guests and coordinate other event details.

Brit has tapped into a heavy-hitting list of investors that fall perfectly in line with a tech-savvy lifestyle like Marissa Mayer and Seth Goldstein. If you haven’t found your knight in shinning armor and have no use for Weduary, try checking out one of my favorite DIYs right now on Wine Slushies (omgsh yes because it is nearly impossible mess up blenders or ice cube trays).

Bringing software tools to domestic living thanks to the fabulous Brit Morin, has the potential to make all our Pinteresting dreams come true.

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