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Forget “FOMO”—Why We’re All About “JOMO” Now

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JOMO, The Joy Of Missing Out, is a cultural phenomenon that is far too often overlooked and vastly under-credited. Whether this is because people are afraid of admitting to experiencing JOMO at the risk of sounding anti-social or if it is due to being overshadowed by its far more popular older sibling FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)— is hard to say. Regardless, it’s an important thing that we have to discuss.

JOMO is beautiful.

JOMO is special.

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JOMO is important.

It’s really hard to get alone time in college. Between classes, clubs, parties and the endless other things college students do, there is very little time to take care of the emotional and mental self.

Is participating in group activities important? Abso-freakin-lutely. Is being social and getting involved a large aspect of the college experience? Um, duh. But don’t let the undying urge to be there, to be in the insta, to be seen, and to be known take away from you time.

JOMO is opting for a Friday night in. Whether it’s alone or with a friend or two, grab a baggy pair of sweats and a great rom-com instead of grabbing for the red solo cups and a tight little going out dress.

JOMO is spending a Saturday afternoon alone in a park reading, thinking, sketching, or writing instead of being surrounded by a mass of people.

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JOMO is a Sunday afternoon when you bake a batch of your mom’s to-die-for oatmeal butterscotch cookies instead of going out for brunch and the inevitable insta-photo shoot that will take place at said brunch.

JOMO is taking time out of your hectic week to focus on yourself and your needs.

Allow yourself to enjoy taking time off from being “on”— acknowledge that there is a stark difference between solitude and loneliness.

Embrace your you time. Instead of feeling like you need to have an excuse or reason for not attending the Friday night rager, love and own the fact that you chose to stay in. You don’t need to credit your night into all the homework you have or the cold you think you might be getting. Own your JOMO. Love your JOMO. Celebrate your JOMO.

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College is a time for individuality and learning. As much as it pains me to say it, a lot of this learning and experiencing has to take place in settings and mindsets other than those fostered at keggers and socials. You’ll be surprised at the wonders that a little alone time every now and then can do for a girl. So spend a night doing all of those DIY crafts that you have saved on Pinterest. Call up a friend and do at home facials and mani-pedis. Curl up in bed with your favorite book and a massive cup of tea glass of wine. You do you, girls.

This article was originally published on The Lala.

Photo: Unsplash


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Yes, I love this concept! JOMO, JOMO, JOMO! It's so good to take some time alone, read a book, go for a walk, listen to some audiobook or just music and just be in the moment, living life in the present! And you're not missing anything - you are working on your better self.

JOMO every day!

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