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Flexibility Is Key — For You and Me

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Flexibility Is Key — For You and Me

It’s not quite 9:30 am and I’ve already worked in 3 different places or more accurately, positions.

· Yes, I glanced at email to see if there was anything urgent then monitored social media while lying in bed.

· Then, I was at my desk — and laptop — actually responding to email and writing (yes, old school pen and paper) my to-do list for the day.

· Before moving to a chair in a corner by a window to put my feet up, drink a cup of tea and reflect on the content of this post.

I can assure you I am far more productive when I work like this. “This” being the flexibility of movement and choice as to where to start, pursue or complete a task. “This” being not limited to an assigned desk or a cubicle or an...

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