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Finding ME Time in a Hectic Lifestyle

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As we get busier and busier we tend to forget about finding alone time to help flush out all of the chaos in our life. Yes it’s absolutely amazing to be around our loved ones all the time, but sometimes we truly need a break, whether you like it or not. Never feel guilty about wanting ME time. In order to be a healthy friend, daughter, mother, manager, and lover we have to unwind once in a while. Check out my personal tips on how I find ways to get some alone time.

1. Schedule 10 mins everyday to meditate.

Mediation is such an easy way to have alone time to breathe, reflect, and have a few moments in silence. There are some great apps, like Headspace, and others that will set a timer and teach you how to meditate for a short time. It’s only 10 minutes and the impact of doing this will really help. Mediation is proven to help with stress and sleep! Stress less and sleep peacefully after a few minutes of breathing deeply and reflecting on your day. Being in touch with yourself is so important to any kind of success.

2. Find a personal hobby you don’t share with anyone else.

Do you like to paint, cook, draw, walk, run, spin, etc? Find one fun activity you don’t have to share with anyone else. Don’t see this as something selfish, but instead something you can enjoy doing with yourself. I love to workout by myself sometimes. I also go on long walks with my dogs at times and just breathe in some fresh air. Shopping can also be great! I’ll go to the mall and just window shop which helps me not think about everything else going on in the day.

3. Take baths with lavender.

You don’t have to take a bath everyday, but once a week or once every two weeks take a hot bath with some lavender soak. The lavender will help ease your muscles and stress and a hot bath is just very relaxing. Put some candles and music to create the perfect spa ambiance. You deserve a little pampering!

4. Head to the library.

This may sound a little old school since the library isn’t very common anymore. I personally love going to the library and sitting on their big couches with a good book. Given the fact that it’s a library, it will always be quiet and peaceful. Cuddle up with a good story or bring your laptop and get some work done by yourself. Don’t under estimate some of the free resources we have locally.

5. Discover a new place alone.

Traveling is great with friends and family, but what about solo traveling? This doesn’t mean you get on a plane and fly to Thailand without anyone else. You totally can, but you don’t have to. This can mean just simply discovering a new restaurant or café or a boutique on your own. Eat some new food at the restaurant, try the best thing on the menu at the café, or splurge on something at the boutique. It can be big or small, but discovering something new alone can feel great! You can then take your friends to your new spots later.

This was originally posted on Be Moxie.

Photo: Jose Luis Pelaez / Getty Images

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