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Exude Confidence: 4 Simple Tips Before You #Ask4More

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Play the smiling game. 

Hold a smile for as long as you can before your meeting (challenge yourself to three minutes or more). I swear, it works! While you’re at it, give yourself a pep talk, because well, you are awesome. 

Go for a quick walk outside.

Getting fresh air will do wonders, and I mean WONDERS, for calming your nerves. A brisk walk will also help release those amazing feel-good endorphins (you know the ones, they help combat stress.)  Listen to an upbeat song, and hey, keep playing that smiling game!  With each step visualize getting what you want and how great it will feel. 

Fake it until you make it, girl!

You might have a shaky voice or sweaty palms, but who cares. Most of the time your boss will be more impressed that you took initiative and showed qualities of strength by asking for more. She won't even remember or notice the nerves you ‘thought’ you were showcasing (it's usually all in your head). So take a deep breath, and pretend you already got what you wanted. 

Shoulders back, eye contact. 

These are the four little words I chant to myself as I enter the room. Enough said. 

We'd love to hear your tips! Comment below and let's inspire us all to take action! The future is female, but the present is too. You.Got.This. 

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