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The Essentials: Enid Hwang, Pinterest Community Manager

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Welcome to our column, The Essentials. Every week we will take a look at what essentials a woman with an awesome job needs to get through her day. Whether it’s apps, music, gummy worms, red lipstick, or a power bag, we’ve got the scoop.

Enid Hwang: Community Manager at Pinterest

What does your job title really mean?

Recently, it means I focus on growing our international community by launching in the UK, France, and other countries, as well as managing the folks who help execute those launches. It’s product marketing the Pinterest way.

You got your job by emailing Pinterest co-founder Ben Silbermann incessantly. Would you recommend that tactic for most people or does it really depend on the company?

It depends on the specific situation, but, in general, there are always explicit opportunities like job listings, and there are opportunities you can identify for yourself: I don’t think what I did was any different than introducing myself at a conference. Ben had consciously made himself (and his email address) available for suggestions. I didn’t lead with, “Hi, hire me,” just as I’d never say that to someone face-to-face. I just tried to show I could offer something—whether it was feedback, bug reports, or marketing help—and the conversation started there. If you see an opportunity in an appropriate context, it’s always up to you to act on it.

What is your favorite thing about working at Pinterest?

Pinterest changed my life. It’s my favorite thing on the internet, plain and simple. I’m really lucky and proud to say I work for a company that personally inspires me and endeavors to provide a positive, useful tool for people. Every second I spend working is an opportunity to make something I love even better. Plus, I get to do it all with a really, really wonderful team that feels like family.

What is your favorite Pinterest board right now?

Pinterest, the movie.” It’s a group board started by one of our infrastructure engineers, Dave, who’s obviously awesome. I know it’s an inside joke, but I can’t look through it without laughing.

The Essentials: Enid Hwang

What pieces of technology do you always carry? iPhone, tablet, laptop?

My Macbook Air, iPhone and AIAIAI headphones

What shoes do you wear for meetings or presentations?

Whatever shoes I’m wearing anywhere else. For me, that’s a pair of high-top sneakers or tabi boots.

What shoes do you actually wear to get to the meeting?

The same.

What do you usually eat for lunch or for a healthy snack?

Every day, I have a Chobani yogurt for breakfast as soon as I get in.

What’s in your junk food drawer?

Everything freely available in the Pinterest kitchen. It’s a delightful, delightful problem.

Drink at happy hour?

I’m a teetotaler, so water or sparkling water.

Favorite power-item piece of clothing or jewelry and where is it from?

My giant X ring from a boutique called Squarestreet in Hong Kong. It’s a beautifully made, laser-cut chunk of stainless steel with no seams or soldering.

What items do you always keep under your desk or in your bag?

Conveniently, I have a “What’s in Your Bag” board which Ben kicked off amongst the team. In short, it’s my binder-clip wallet, Pinterest notebook, and passport.

Exercise of choice:

Standing while cooking? I’m sorry, I don’t understand the question.

Blogs or sites you read on breaks at work?

Pinterest, Freunde von Freunden, and the Dossier blog.

Your go-to work bag?

My black Maye Z-Bag—a spot-on gift from my brother.

Apps you use on a daily basis that you find to be helpful?

No BS: I really do use the Pinterest iPad app daily for cooking. Other than that, Routesy helps me with buses, Instagram helps me stay connected to friends sprinkled around the world, and Any.DO is great for lists.

If you travel a lot for work, what do you always take when you fly?

A handful of The New Yorker magazines, my old, cracked iPhone loaded with music, and a big scarf.

What is your go-to caffeinated drink and where do you get it? Or do you have a caffeine alternative?

I don’t drink coffee, but I’ll eat dark chocolate-covered espresso beans until my skin vibrates.

Do you have a mantra that helps get you through the day?

Put pinners first. It’s one of our company values, so it’s not really a mantra, but it’s the clarifying exercise when I need to stop and check myself or what we’re doing.

What are your daily Essentials? Share with us in the comments!

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Viewing on Levo:

Only you can see this list

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Pinterest is probably my favorite social media site; it's full of inspiration and can entertain me for hours. Getting an inside look at someone who works there was wonderful. I love The Essentials!

Enid seems like so much fun! Her enthusiasm is infectious, and I love her response to the exercise question.

Zahra H
Zahra H

Thats super awesome. I love love love pinterest but never even thought about it as a 'job' funny enough. And thats a great tip about introducing yourself by showing how you can be helpful. I never thought of that before!

I love how the Pinterest founder said, "Pinterest is not meant to make people stay at the computer but inspire them to do more." It definitely has! Best social network and I'm so addicted.

The Essentials is quickly becoming one of my favorite columns on Levo! You can honestly tell so much about someone by learning little pieces of their routines or their favorite things. I loved reading how Enid found her way at Pinterest with persistence--definitely inspiring!

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