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Ep 15 | The Best Books to Accelerate Your Career | Boss Tip

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People always ask me what it was like to start a business like Bossed Up. But to me, the much more interesting story is actually what occurred in the nearly two years prior. I had just moved to DC after finding myself completely burnt out, broken-hearted, with a boatload of breakup debt on my credit cards, and feeling totally lost.

Before I could launch a creative business like Bossed Up, I needed to rebuild my foundation. But from the outside, the inner revolution I was going through probably looked rather calm. I was spending a lot of time alone, getting back in touch with my inner voice, so I could stop living my life in pursuit of pleasing others, and get a sense of what direction I was most drawn towards.

I’d already known what it...

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Viewing on Levo:

Only you can see this list

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I definitely want to read some of these!

Hi Bossedup, I'm Sri Brent, just brent is A-OK. I'm not a business guru, though my self-titled Sri-ness does technically constitute my guru I saw your post commenting on the prolific reading the Oracle of Omaha does/ day. The Buff is also worth a gazillion trillion rupees thanks to his mentorship by the True 'Value Investor' & Statesman of 'Contrarian Investing' Benjamin Graham. This my segue to why I'm posting here. A. This a site for Empowerment of women in Entrepreneurship, what is a rogue male doing here? The answer is to gain a female perspective on things. What I know is that whatever I thought I knew about women is WRONG, all the time, every time, when I try to not be wrong, I do so

B. I was once aversive to reading, as you noted yourself. The Moms & My Sis, both have English Lit degrees, The Moms has a M.Ed in Special Ed & abandoned her PhD in Ed.Psych after getting hired as a prof with her M.Ed. The Sis, has 2 Master's. A M.A in English Lit and an MLIS. It was after I became aware during year1 of undergrad uni that as a hard science student, I had some 'fluff' courses in arts and social sciences, but I was upset that I couldn't slot philosophy, world religions, Symbolic Logic, I wanted to study more Calculus, English Lit, where is this train wrecking headed....

I cut back the std (not sexually trans'd disease, they're called STI's now, FYI..😳) I pulled out of my full course load, and went scavenging through the uni's dept's for which I had no classes...I found intro texts for almost everything not already in my Science degree's curriculum..

So, I am agreeing with you, just a Will in 'Good Will Hunting' mocks the Ivy league pony tail douche, by citing every reference the arrogant ivy league educated d*ck cited to him, with the book, author and page; finish his assault on formal education stating 2 fold: 'So, do you have any ideas of your own, or are you going to just plagiarize for your life? You realize that the 6 figure number it cost your daddy to pay for you to memorize those quotes, I got for 3 dollars and change buying a library card?'

This is my point (and implicitly yours too) Samuel Clemes quote (one of many) I hold dear: 'I have never let schooling get in the way of my education.' READ PROLIFICALLY. ESPECIALLY READ THINGS YOU"D NORMALLY SHY AWAY FROM. A Confirmation Bias tendency exists in all of us, and you do yourself justice to read, as B. Graham and W. Buffet invest: be contrarian. Know what others think about whatever position you hold dear. The Stoic Philosophers talk about Inverted Logic, and it gets used in common day in business planning known as the 'Burn Down The Company Strategy.'

Your business aims of endless economic growth is a myth. So is the idea that any any nation's GDP will always increase, and never recede...ballocks. The Audi Team used Inverted Logic to win the Le Mans, a race they'd never been able to win using logic inversion. Instead of thinking how to build a faster more powerful rally car, they looked at alternative methods to win, and inverting logic, asking self: 'If my goal is to lose this game/race/business what are the things I must do to burn this to the ground?' Figure this out, then DO NOT DO THESE fact, how Did Audi win 3 consecutive Le Mans? Scapped the BHP and top speed aims, and they engineered the first diesel rally car. Instead of cranking out faster pace, they created a exponentially more efficient rally car using the first Diesel engine. They effectively reduced their team's down time for fuel and maintenance and this reduction in wastage created a faster time than the faster cars.

My suggestion is read everything and do you utmost to not get entrapped into socially constructed thinking obligations, ask self: what is this problem framed by? What is implicitly being dictated which I am under no obligation to buy into, unless I'm a sheep and don't think of alternative options which I could frame this problem. I do this by talking the scenario aloud to myself. 'So A, B, ...ergo..' Doing this makes obvious to me how my mind is creating parameters to the frame. Once you do this, the ways around your 'mind forged manacles' become obvious. If this is my framing, what about doing X, Y, Z? Now you have a concrete tactic to think laterally or OUTSIDE the BOX. Just my suggestion.

Sri Brent Sheardown.

M1, Rady College of Medicine. Winnipeg, MB, Canada.

Stay hungry; Stay Foolish -S. Jobs

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