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Don’t be afraid of the storms ….

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On this 11th day of an 11 year (add up 2018 and you get 11), your new year mojo may still be going strong. You have declared that this year will be different, the best year yet. Woo hoo! I am cheering you on. There are so many blessings and delights headed your way! You will grow and create so many incredible things!

Continue to take both inner and outer action to co-create your dreams. Be consistent with your mediation, journaling, exercise, healthy eating, creative endeavors and spiritual/personal growth work. Keep embodying courage by taking action even when you feel fear. Celebrate the heck out of every single little step and win. Give yourself a LOT of pats on the back and relish in gratitude.

Soak up all the joy and Light that life...

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