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Dear Abby: The Startup (Fundraising is Networking) Version #BYDN

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Dear Abby: The Startup (Fundraising is Networking) Version #BYDN

Fall. When the leaves turn, the intensity of getting sh#t done increases (as the end of the year looms in the not so “is it really mid-October already” future) and the number of “I’m a startup closing a round” emails pile up in my inbox.

You may think closing a round is simply check writing but alas, you’d be wrong. Fundraising is networking. Let me repeat that again: Fundraising Is Networking (the activity otherwise known as, relationship building).

It’s a process counted in months (perhaps even years) of getting to know people, getting people to know you, watching how you work and how you work with others….

If you’re the founder of a startup currently seeking funding,...

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