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Dazzle Everyone With These Amazing Conversation Starters

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Ever hit that moment of awkward silence?

At an event and don’t know what to talk about?

Does it seem like all you do is grip, grin, and graze making chit chat that’s merely a conversation seeking a topic?

Here’s an easy acronym to navigate you through a conversation. Ask questions following the pattern of this acronym surrounding each letter as a focus for the question: FORMULA.

F = friends and family (i.e. Do you have any friends doing what you do?)
O = occupation and organizations (i.e. What do you do for a living?)
R = rest, relaxation and recreation (i.e. When you’re not working, what do you like to do?)
M = motivation (i.e. Why did you go into business?)
U = unique (i.e. What is it that makes you different from ABC company?)
L = loves (i.e. Golfers love the game. Collectors love their hobby. Ask about it and listen.)
A = associations (i.e. Are you member of the XYZ industry association? Where do you learn about all the latest industry news? Do you have a local chapter of XYZ?)

Use this acronym to help you move a conversation along in a meaningful way!

Short and sweet this week! Remember, when you start the conversation your job is to listen and to learn about people and connections. The greatest conversationalist are often the greatest listeners.

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Viewing on Levo:

Only you can see this list

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For "O" I really like asking about Organizations instead of Occupations. What are they involved in/with?
Unless it is a work-related event, then talking about occupations is acceptable.
We are so much more than just our job; it does not need to define who were are. I realize that for some people their job is their passion. However, I believe a lot of us get labeled right away and incorrectly, because of the job we currently have. You can learn so much more about someone asking about what they are involved in.

Vishal Tyagi
Vishal Tyagi
Bradley Johnnie
Bradley Johnnie

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