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Learn the Unwritten Rules of How to Interact at Work

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Daisy Auger-Domínguez, Vice President of Recruitment and Organization & Workforce Diversity at the Disney ABC TV Group, is responsible for the company’s strategic direction, implementation, and alignment of talent acquisition and diversity initiatives. Prior to this she was Managing Director of Executive Search Initiatives at Time Warner, Inc., where she was responsible for enhancing the company’s executive brand with diverse communities, and attracting and recruiting diverse executives across the enterprise. She attributes her commitment and passion for her work to her childhood in the Dominican Republic where she was raised by her paternal grandparents and attended an international school.

Auger-Domínguez explained to Levo League during Office Hours that she first experienced being excluded based on her race when she moved from her international school in the Dominican Republic to a high school in New Jersey her junior year. Since she was so young, she didn’t fully understand the racial and socioeconomic implications that exist in the US. She felt that people who identified her as a hispanic had a preconceived image of what that meant: poor, uneducated, and with limited chance of advancement.

“Coming to the United States was the first time I really experienced difference,” she said. “While I had grown up with a lot of difference, I had never lived it as difference. It was the first time I experienced being pigeonholed into a group that I didn’t quite understand and knowing that my public identity of being a Latina really seemed to limit who I was.”

She was inspired by these learnings and experiences to study social, racial, cultural, and class implications of racial relations in both her undergraduate and graduate studies. This led Auger-Domínguez to her current career, where she started noticing patterns of success, failures, and revolving doors. As she progressed professionally, Auger-Domínguez realized that she had organically learned unwritten rules of how to interact at work and engage with people within her company, and felt a desire to share this knowledge through her position to grow the careers of those around her, as well as use it to continue to cultivate her own career.

Become a master storyteller

Auger-Domínguez explained that in order to accelerate your career, it is important to become a master storyteller. To accomplish this, it is imperative that you know both your audience and how to tell your story. One way to become a master storyteller is to become a knowledge worker, or someone who is curious, gathers pertinent information, and shares this information with those around them. Consistently communicate to others not only how masterful you are, but how masterful others are, what business insights you’ve gained, and what great business opportunities exist.

Be open to feedback

“Self-awareness is a leadership trait that is very rarely spoken about,” Auger-Domínguez said. “It’s really about being conscious about what you’re good at and what you still have to work on.” She emphasized that it is important to be able to admit that we don’t know it all, ask questions, and solicit feedback in many ways. It’s not about being insecure about what you don’t know, but it’s also not about being hubris about what you do know.

Developing this skill early in your career will lead to further success later on, she explained. “It’s about finding that right balance,” she said. “Knowing what you know and also knowing what you don’t know and being able to engage with folks who will be able to help you grow, build, and develop those skills.”


When strategizing her workload, projects, and future initiatives, Auger-Domínguez said that she always asks herself and her team, “Is this where we can have the biggest impact?” By identifying what is the highest opportunity, or lowest hanging fruit, you can strategize how your work can make the most impact. Above all else, she emphasized the importance of doing your work with integrity, passion, and remember to have a clear picture about what success means to you in your career.

Want to know more? Daisy Auger-Domínguez is a Levo mentor! Ask her a question or re-watch her Office Hours for more insight.


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Viewing on Levo:

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I love the advice drawn from Daisy's Office Hours!! I think it is so important to always be open to feedback which is what allows us to grow. No matter where we are in our career, I believe there is always something to learn and room to improve!

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