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Continuing the Sorority Connection After College

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During sorority recruitment, we often touted the future potential of networking as an alumni member as a benefit of joining a sorority. We kind of threw this in for the more “serious” types, who needed a more lofty reason to join a sorority than matching sweatshirts and date dashes. I knew a sorority sister could help set me up with a formal date, but I never really imagined them setting me up with a job. I have actually had the same girl from my sorority help me obtain not one, but two jobs.

I have experienced first-hand the power of this alumni network, and thought how many other girls could benefit from this type of network. A lot of girls think that sorority connections end at college, even though we sing about our lifelong bonds. I now realize how that network and these connections are very real and powerful for helping women find internships, jobs, roommates and more, especially in the current economic climate.


I joined the national group for my sorority on LinkedIn, but realized that while it was helpful for job hunts in new cities and random mass requests, it wasn’t going to be as powerful a resource as I wanted. I decided to take things into my own hands and create a LinkedIn group specifically for my own chapter. I encouraged the girls to invite other alumni and current members to join in the hopes of fostering communication regarding job openings, internships, etc. I also hoped it could be a forum to discuss the specifics of certain careers, grad school advice, and any other wisdom that would be beneficial to a younger group of girls. Within minutes of creating the group, a job posting was listed! I also reached out to a friend’s younger sister, who is currently in the chapter. I asked her to announce the group at their next meeting and to encourage the girls to join. I wish I had something like this group while I was job hunting straight out of college!


While Facebook is definitely more of a social tool compared to LinkedIn, it’s still a great resource for keeping in touch with people. You probably belong to a group created while you were in college that listed various events going on, etc. Now is the time to take a look and see where your sorority sisters are. Maybe someone lives in a city that you are hoping to get a job in, or works for a company where you’d like to be hired. You might see that they are friends with someone who you want to meet and they can easily make the introduction. Just keep in mind that Facebook groups and messaging are more personal than they are business-related. You might want to send someone an email or look them up on LinkedIn if you don’t really know them well and the message is strictly professional.

National Sorority Website

Most sororities these days have advanced websites for their current members and alumni to join. If you just moved to a new city, you can locate a local chapter and get involved with them. These new connections could help you find a job or instruct you on the best way to get hired in their city. Bonus: You might also make some friends! Also, most sororities have newsletters that they send out to their alumni. You could submit your information and list the type of job you are looking for and see if anyone reaches out to you.

Online networking is a great resource for alumni and current members. If you were in a sorority in college, I highly recommend you take advantage of these built-in connections. You already paid your dues, now reap some benefits!

How do you ensure you keep connected to your networks? Share your tips in the comments!

Ask Kelly Hoey, Co-founder and Managing Director of Women Innovate Mobile, how she stays in touch with her network!


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Paige... great article! I say it everyday that being in my sorority really helped and prepared me better for the real world than any of my business classes did. Still 3 years out of college, my sorority is still helping me in so many ways!

My sorority has been a wonderful resource to me. Two years ago, I moved to Cleveland with my boyfriend. Until I joined my local alumni chapter, the only people I knew in Cleveland were my boyfriend's friends and family and people from work. It is so great to feel like I have family in the area who I can count on.

Meghan Maloney
Meghan Maloney

Great tips! As a current college student and member of Greek Life at University of Michigan, I know that LinkedIn and Facebook are underutilized for job search and networking purposes. In the 2 years I have left in college, I plan to utilize contacts in my current network to reach out to more alumni of my own chapter as well as sisters from other chapters.

Ali Lie
Ali Lie

A personal connection is far more important in creating relationships and building your network than simply following individuals on social networking sites. Communication skills must never be forgotten. I am very surprised that you didn't suggest the most obvious of them all - actually joining an alumnae chapter (that you find thorough social media) and getting to know your Sisters.

Stephanie Waterson
Stephanie Waterson

Paige, great article! I'm glad that you suggested using sorority webpages to find local alumnae chapters to get involved! It's great to get to know your Sisters in person! I just moved to Austin and it's been really helpful!

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