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6 Life Lessons from Clueless (on its 18th Anniversary)

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This week marks the 18th anniversary of the cinema masterpiece that is Clueless. The 1995 film was a box office hit, spawned a TV series (which surprisingly lasted for a while), launched the careers of Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd, and gave the world a whole new set of vocabulary.

This film taught me about fashion (I hope knee socks and plaid skirts become a part of the 90s comeback), the calories in a stick of gum, and that if your closet isn’t electronically organized, your life is less full. It also taught me life lessons. For a little bit of Friday fun and to celebrate this amazing movie, we came up with some ways in which Cher Hororwitz and her friends enriched our lives.

1. Everything can be negotiated

Cher Horowitz leaned in. A lot. She negotiated her grades and her punishments and she did it in style.

2. Sometimes a makeover is absolutely necessary

Makeovers shouldn’t be every day, but sometimes you need a fresh start. It can give you a whole new outlook. If your desk is feeling cluttered, spend the afternoon cleaning it up. Go through and organize your email inbox (color-code those labels!). Find the last version of your resume and spruce it up.

3. Work on your public speaking skills

Though the topics were a little off, Cher did speak very well. She had good body language (minus the gum), spoke clearly, and made good eye contact with a seemingly braindead audience. You have to admit, she was incredibly captivating. By the end, I also was wondering why we couldn’t “party with the Haitians.”

4. Take on side projects

Project! It is all about having a side passion and for Cher that was makeovers and matchmaking.

5. Be organized

She may have come off as ditzy sometimes, but the technology for that closet organizer was amazing. Plus Cher organized her entire schedule and her father’s!

6. Fashion can be used as a strategy

Whether it was enticing a boy or trying to find her collarless shirt from Fred Segal because it was her most capable looking shirt, Cher used fashion as a strategy. A great outfit can make you feel better about yourself and there is no doubt that Cher had some great outfits.

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