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Christine Hassler: The Importance of Finding Your Confidence

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Christine Hassler paid the Levo League office a visit last week. Christine is the author of 20 Something, 20 Everything and 20 Something Manifesto. She is also a Life Coach and gives guidance to twenty and early thirty somethings. Considering the fact that she was providing us with insightful advice and support during her short time in the office, we can personally attest to her all around awesomeness. (We’ve decided we all need more Christine in our lives!)

Amanda Pouchot and Christine Hassler sat down together to film a short video to share background information about Christine (from Christine herself) and also great advice about how to be a more confident person. Christine’s story about how she found herself as an author and Life Coach is so inspiring. She left her life of big paychecks, invites to the Oscars and the Golden Globes, and Hollywood guys because she didn’t find it fulfilling anymore. After a handful of jobs and an ever-increasing amount of debt, she had what she describes as a “spiritual awakening.” She then found herself on the journey which has led her to where she is now.

Check out Christine Hassler’s Office Hours for more inspiration.

We broke down the key information from the video for you.

  1. Opportunities can come from unexpected events and your darkest moments.
  2. If you’re living in the present moment, it is impossible to feel anxiety.
  3. Having goals is great, but it can be overwhelming. Just take things one step at a time.
  4. Listen to your intuition; it will guide you in the right direction.
  5. Don’t be so hard on yourself.
  6. It’s impossible to make a wrong choice. All choices have consequences, but you learn from those choices.
  7. Don’t take things personally.
  8. Now is the time in your life to take risks.
  9. Learn now how to trust yourself.

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BONUS: Life Coach, Christine Hassler, teaches us how to “spread our wings” LIVE on GHO. Find the recording here, where Christine makes the point that the quarter-life crisis is MANDATORY.


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Viewing on Levo:

Only you can see this list

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Nina Sidney
Nina Sidney

Completely god send advice!

Would love to watch the video, but it's set to private.

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