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CareerCast Just Named the Top Paying Jobs For 2017 and Most of Them Are in This Industry

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CareerCast just published out its top paying jobs report and it turns out those whiny surgeons on Grey's Anatomy made a good choice. Seven out of 10 of the top paying jobs were in the medical field with surgeon taking the top spot with an annual median salary of $409,665.

However, a prestigious medical career can often be accompanied with a load of student debt. "High-level healthcare professions offer some of the most substantial wages of any industry," says Kyle Kensing, Online Content Editor, CareerCast. "However, be prepared to make a substantial investment in your future if you plan to pursue one of these careers."

A few other fields made the list, but medicine is where it is at. Here are the top 10 paying jobs from CareerCast and check out the full report here.

1. Surgeon

Annual Median Income: $409,665

2. Orthodontist

Annual Median Income: $208,000

3. Psychiatrist

Annual Median Income: $194,740

4. General Practice Physician

Annual Median Income: $190,490

5. Senior Corporate Executive

Annual Median Income: $181, 210

6. Dentist

Annual Median Income: $153, 900

7. Petroleum Engineer

Annual Median Income: $128, 230

8. Podiatrist

Annual Median Income: $124,830

9. Air Traffic Controller

Annual Median Income: $122,410

10. Pharmacist

Annual Median Income: $122,230

Photo by Olga DeLawrence on Unsplash

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