If you’re a cat lover, imagine being able to bring your kitty to work with you every day. No, this isn’t a dream! At Ferray company in Japan, they have an “office cat” policy where employees can bring their cats to work. This all started back in 2000 when the CEO received many requests from employees asking if they could please bring their cats to work with them.

Though it may not be a common concept in other countries, there are plenty of businesses in Japan that revolve around office cats. In fact, this is the country that hosts 60-plus cat cafes. Much like dogs can relieve stress in workplaces, cats can too–providing a nice break from workday anxieties (though they may also send an accidental email by walking on your keyboard so beware). Workdays in Japan just got a lot more fun, as Pasona Group has hired two goats and two alpacas as full-time employees. These animals are brought into the office to help create a healing environment for employees. So if you don’t mind the occasional animal noise, this could be the job for you!

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