Last week, we discussed the importance of possessing business cards. To further your networking efforts, you should always make a point to request the other person’s card after meeting someone new – regardless of their job or title. Build this into your routine and ensure that you are consistently asking for people’s contact information when engaging in conversations with them.

What’s the Benefit of Asking?

Requesting business cards from individuals is a wise choice for multiple reasons:

  1. By asking questions, you demonstrate that you truly care about the individual in front of you and are eager to learn more.
  2. Establishing your contact list has never been so effortless!
  3. It’s always a great time to start planning your marketing and networking strategies!

Investing in business cards is a critical step towards cultivating lasting relationships that could eventually manifest into customers or future opportunities. This strategy works particularly well for those seeking employment.

Practically Speaking

When you receive someone’s business card, don’t simply tuck it away; instead, be proactive and record a few meaningful details about them on the back of the card. This way, when you meet with this contact in the future or send an email to follow up after your initial conversation, their name will immediately spark memories of what made that connection worthwhile for both parties. Take the time to jot down the physical attributes of your contact, as well as details like their alma mater and if they have children. Noting some personal information about them can give you plenty of topics for future conversations or reasons to reconnect with them in the future.

Contact Management

Immediately input this information into a spreadsheet or your contact management system. Each quarter, spend one morning reviewing each of the contacts in your list and searching for articles, blogs, and events that may be of interest to them. For example, if you know someone who loves history send them an interesting blog about the Civil War you stumbled across. Or perhaps there is a Notre Dame alum on your list with their daughter enrolled at school? Send her some team spirit by sending out “Go Irish” before game day! With small touches like these, it’s easy to keep those connections alive!

The bottom line, make sure to stay in touch with your contacts regularly. This will maintain and strengthen the relationship you already have established, keep them informed of who you are as an attorney and demonstrate that you’re attentive and reliable – qualities prospects look for when they seek legal assistance.

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