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Bookmark It: The 9 Highest-Paying Jobs For Millennials Right Now

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Looking for a new job? Maybe one that will help you make a dent in your student loans—68% of the class of 2015 had student loans—and afford to eat on a regular basis. Well, you are in luck because U.S. News & World Report just came out with 2017's Best Jobs for Millennials and this includes the highest paying jobs for Millennials. Though work-life balance and stress are very important to this generation when it comes to finding a job, salary comes in as the top priority. So which jobs will start you off with the highest salary? Check them out.

1. Financial Advisor

Unemployment rate: 2%

Median salary: $89,160

Average salary: $118,050

2. Actuary

Unemployment rate: 0.8%

Median salary: $97,070

Average salary: $110,560

3. Software Developer

Unemployment rate: 2%

Median salary: $98,260

Average salary: $102,160

4. Computer Systems Analyst

Unemployment rate: 2.4%

Median salary: $85,800

Average salary: $90,180

5. Mechanical Engineer

Unemployment rate: 1.6%

Median salary: $83,590

Average salary: $88,190

6. Environmental Engineer

Unemployment rate: 0.8%

Median salary: $84,560

Average salary: $88,040

7. Radiation Therapist

Unemployment rate: 1.7%

Median salary: $80,220

Average salary: $84,460

8. Operations Research Analyst

Unemployment rate: 2.6%

Median salary: $78,630

Average salary: $84,180

9. Accountant

Unemployment rate: 2.5%

Median salary: $67,190

Average salary: $75,280

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