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How Blogging Can Help Your Career

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There are a wide variety of things you can do to help launch your professional career including internships, gaining valuable working experience, and creating a well-rounded resume. Since competition for entry-level and even mid-level jobs is very high, it’s important to stand out to prospective employers in any way you can. One way to do this is to start a blog.

Blogs, which are interactive websites full of information for the public to read, can cover a wide variety of topics or niches including lifestyle, fashion, politics, sports, and more. Blogging is generally free, unless you want to purchase a domain name or custom layout, and can be customized to your liking. You are in control of the content and ultimately your online reputation and presence. Here are a few ways that blogging in an appropriate manner can help your career.

Beef up your writing portfolio

If you are in the field of communications, having excellent writing skills will set you apart from the competition. How exactly do you become a great writer? Practice. Much like any athlete or musician, the only way to excel in your craft is to continue to practice. Having a blog which you post to daily, weekly, or even monthly gives you a variety of writing samples to add to your portfolio. My writing portfolio is filled with articles that I wrote for my personal blog. All writing samples should be recognized, whether it was for a national newspaper or a simple WordPress site.

Show your expertise in any niche

By writing consistently about a specific topic or group of topics, you will gain credibility. Let’s say you’re looking to work in marketing and run a beauty blog in your spare time. You post articles and tutorials about all aspects of the cosmetic industry and help your readers learn more about this topic. You find an agency that has beauty clients and you are interested in a position with the company. Your beauty blog gives you a leg up on the competition who doesn’t have that background or expertise in the niche. Find things you are passionate and knowledgeable about and blog about them.

Create job opportunities

Having a public blog where you post about your life, interests, and accomplishments will attract readers from all over. If you optimize your site by including links to your resume, portfolio, and contact information, you’d be surprised at who will reach out to you. Since adding a “Hire Me” section on my blog, I’ve landed freelance gigs at a national magazine and a small fashion boutique. Blogging is the first step to putting yourself out there.

Blogging can also can be viewed as a side job in itself, which looks great on a resume. Running your blog like a business by working with brands or public relations companies, utilizing social media, and analytic tools is impressive to employers. Don’t treat your blog like a joke, treat it like a side business and include it on your resume.

Form valuable relationships

Plain and simple, blogging is a great networking tool. Not only will you meet friends and peers that share the same interests as you, but you most likely will find people who work in a similar field as you. If you begin to work with companies or brands, keeping in touch with them is a great way to expand your contacts. You never know, someone reading your blog may be looking for a new editorial assistant at their company. They say, “It’s all about who you know,” and blogging can introduce you to a whole new circle of people.

It’s important to note that blogs are not successful overnight. Running a successful blog takes a lot of hard work, time, and skill. It certainly isn’t for everyone, but can give your career, job hunt, or resume a nice boost.

Do you run your own blog? Have some great tips or questions for fellow bloggers? Share with us in the comments!

Ask Levo Mentor Kathrina Manalac about her personal food blog and how she finds time to maintain her writing!


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Viewing on Levo:

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I dont have a blog, but after reading this, I can see what a valuable tool a blog can be! Having more opportunities to showcase yourself and your skills to future employers is always a plus!

This is so timely for me. I've been willing myself to start a blog for a couple of months now, because the benefits seem to be pretty limitless in today's job market. I'm also a creative writing major, so I definitely feel the urge to get some writing samples out there. I've gotten as far as making the actual blog on WordPress, but I can't decide what to focus the blog on. Has anyone else had this experience? For those of you with blogs, how did you overcome the initial jitters and start actually blogging?

This is another article that I will be saving! I run a blog and I have received mixed advice on whether or not it could be a positive resume builder. I love seeing tips for making your blog bigger, better, and having it work toward your advantage. The 'Hire Me' section is such a brilliant idea, I will definitely be adding that to my blog!

Blogging is a great way to further establish an online presence and personality. Committing to a blog seems a bit daunting at first, however after reading this article it seems like a worthwhile commitment. Thanks for sharing!

Same here, I am active on a few different social medium channels and was looking for a way to combine/ connect them all.
I would focus on the 2 or 3 things your most passionate about, its a great way to start. It also shows your personality and the way you write. Also have a look at Squarespace for your blog, I find it must easier ( and prettier) to use then WordPress.

Wonderful article!! I have been wanting to start a blog, and it definitely helps push me in that direction seeing some of the career benefits blogging can have!!

I love this article - I have been going back and forth over the past couple of months about whether or not to start a blog. This has definitely solidified my YES!

I recently started a blog as a summer side project. In the fall I am taking a class on 'niche blogging' and I hope writing a lifestyle blog will help me discover what I am most passionate about. I joined a 30 day blogging challenge right off the bat, and have been pretty successful so far!

My site:

I have a blog but I really don't update it as I should. This inspired me to blog consistently and see what opportunities I can encounter!

I'd also add that if you're a writer, it's so useful to be able to direct people to your blog for examples of your writing and how you've handled a particular topic.

Whenever you pitch an idea for a guest post or an article to an editor, having something to link to makes your pitch stand out and increases your chances of getting the gig!

As a freelance writer, I am ALWAYS looking for more work. Thanks for the "Hire Me" tip! Brilliant!

Ashlina Kaposta
Ashlina Kaposta

I recently started my own blog. I struggle with posting consistently but I found that the best way to get noticed is to comment on other blogs that you love!

Thanks for the feedback, Sandia! I've heard a bit about Squarespace, I'll definitely check it out.

Ok I'm inspired to start writing!

I recently started my personal blog so I could have additional writing samples for my portfolio. As a recent graduate on the job hunt I've been on the fence about adding it to my resume. I think the Hire Me section is a perfect idea I will be adding!

I originally started my blog as a location for my writing samples, say for jobs or internships. But I revamped it and decided to have some fun with it. Because I have a degree in Communication Studies, I felt like I should have something that would balance out work and play.. something that would set me apart from everyone else. Having a blog is a valuable tool, no matter what field you may be in. This advice is awesome for anyone who wants to start a blog or already have one.

I definitely had this problem when revamping my blog. I originally started it as a central place for my writing samples. But I decided to change it and to in-tune it into something that I could be proud of and to express myself. Therefore, I talk about the things that interest me.

I would say find things that interest you. Grab inspiration from your favorite blogs. See what kind of content would be interesting and valuable. Its your blog! Meaning, you can shape it into anything you'd want. It doesnt have to focus on one topic, it can focus on several.

I would love to do a 30 day blog challenge! Do you have a link to the one you're doing?

I have been wanting to start a blog for a while and reading this article has really encouraged me to do so. I am a junior in college starting a blog would be a great asset to my resume and will enhance my writing skills. Does anyone know of any good free blogging services?

How do we legally add news links from magazines or online newspapers to the blog and is it legal . Also pics from around the Internet?

When I did some research on starting a blog (something I've wanted to do for a long time but haven't committed to yet) I read that it helps to write about a months worth of posts first. This will help you determine what type of content you lean towards creating and also whether or not you have enough of it to keep the blog updated.

Hi Kathleen! Making the blog is the first (and hardest) step. Wordpress is so easy and there are tons of helpful tutorials, too. My advice is to find what you are passionate about and interested in and write about that. Otherwise, you will have a hard time thinking of things to write about!

Thanks Briana! I actually landed two freelance writing opportunities simply from having a "hire me" spot on my blog.

Thanks Lauri! I say go for it! If you need any help or advice, please feel free to contact me.

Aw thanks Lindsey! Sometimes all you need is a little "push" :)

The blog looks great Molly! I love that you cover a variety of topics- it's good to be well-rounded in terms of what you're writing about.

Good luck with it Joanie!

Thanks Kelsey! The simple "hire me" part landed me two freelance writing jobs. Good luck!

Yes! Commenting and interacting is key!

You definitely should add that Hillary! You never know who will stumble across your blog and see your writing and maybe want to hire you!

Sounds like you're on the right track Jade! And thanks for the compliment on my article :)

Starting a blog in college is something I wish I had done (I started mine after graduating). It really gives you a head start on creating a great writing portfolio! As far as free blogging services, try It's very easy to use!

I absolutely love this article! It inspired me to start my own blog called Young Professional: Living the College Life. I was wondering what your thoughts were for gaining an audience. Would you recommend posting about it on my other social networking sites?

My blog started out as my little corner of the world where I could 'speak up' - as an introvert this was something I struggled with up against much louder characters in the workplace. The unexpected side-effect was that it showed my passion in ways I might never have demonstrated otherwise.

Thanks so much for the advice, everyone! I'm so glad there are so many awesome lady bloggers on Levo :)

I would definitely post it on your other social networking sites- it's a great way to get the word out! Try connection/commenting on similar blogs, too to gain an audience.

That's so awesome Emma! I love that blogging can be an outlet- especially as an introvert.

this is such great info- thanks a bunch!


Thanks so much for an insightful article about blogging! I started blogging before I started college and I've found that I enjoy blogging as an outlet for stress. However, as someone who is interested in medicine, I have found it difficult to find other bloggers with the same interest! What advice do you have for finding other bloggers with shared interests?

Great article, Rachel! Definitely helpful. A couple of months ago I started a Tumblr to explore my own writing, with a focus of beauty/fashion. It's been a good exercise for me personally. But I wonder, would it be better for me to switch my blogging over to WordPress? Is Tumblr an "inferior" host, in terms of personal blogging credentials? Would appreciate your input!

I have been doing some writing and blogging and I need to take it to the next step soon. I need to put myself out there.

Hey Rachel I didn't know you were a contributor at LEVO. Nice! Great article and so true. This is the exact reason I started my blog. Not to make money via my blog but to gain new skills and transition in to a new career path. It has been a wonderful learning experience and I have met so many great people through it too.

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